1990 Felsina CCR Rancia report

I buy Rancia in most vintages, and generally drink it 15-20 years after the vintage. But I decided to save my last bottle of the 1990 to see how the wine would show as a 30-year-old. (As an aside, this has to have been one of the bottles I’ve had in my cellar the longest as I know I bought this on release and it would have been released very early in my time as a wino).

I pulled the cork about an hour before dinner, then decanted about 20 minutes in advance (very little sediment) and back into the bottle 10 minutes later for the drive to the restaurant.

The wine was delicious and enjoyed by all. It did not show any of the flavors (pruney?) that I associate with “over the hill” sangiovese. It was certainly fully mature and probably even a few years past its best, but again it provided much more of a “mature” flavor profile (smooth, earthy, still showing some fruit and good acidity, and even just a touch of a minty edge) than “over the hill.” I see that AG rated it 97 points. Last night it did not wow me at that level but I still quite enjoyed it and it was worthy of the birthday celebration dinner for which it was opened. [cheers.gif]

You are more patient than I am. I can’t keep mine 15-20 years, but am finding they are better to my tastes sometime around 12. I did have a magnum of the '85 that I let sit too long. I think we drank it about 4 years ago. It was similar to what you describe…still delicious, but past its best days.

Happy Birthday!


Thanks for the note! I have never tried a Rancia with this much age, but the 97 is drinking beautifully right now, FWIW. Incidentally, we had the 2010 earlier this week and it was beautiful. This wine really has quite a long drinking window and delivers pleasure throughout…

I’ve been patiently sitting on some 750’s and mags of the 2010, so appreciate your insight. Waiting at least a couple of years before trying the 1st bottle.

Nice note, Dave. I have a bottle of '90 Fontalloro standing up and waiting for an appropriate night, so I’ll try to remember to report on it when I do.

Happy to see the note, I’m fond of both Rancia Riserva and old Chinati.

Ron,glad to see you are drinking the good stuff!

Barry, Good to see you here! I guess by “good stuff” you mean not that AFWE burgundystuff, right? neener

I think your term for these wines that I mean by good stuff used to be “dirt wines”

We had a delicious bottle of this Fontalloro only 1-2 years ago. Strong vintage for this wine. Not surprised by Dave’s ‘90 Rancia either.

We recently drank 2008 and 2009 Fontalloro. 10-12 years post-vintage seems ok for these average years, but I’ve definitely shifted to 15-20+ years for the best ones. IMO 30 years pushes the boundaries a bit, but still fun.

I wouldnt be afraid to let them go that old. I just had a bottle of the 1994 a few months ago and it was still going strong. Plenty of life left.

In my experience, the Rancia outlives the Fontalloro as a general rule. The Fontalloro drinks well at a younger age to my tastes as well.


Thanks, Peter. We’ll probably drink it in September sometime, so hopefully it will still be delicious!