1982 Sociando Mallet and Magdelaine

We had some great wines last night, but two Bordeaux from 1982 stood head and shoulders above the rest. I really loved both of these wines. If I had to pick one, I would give a slight edge to the Sociando for its thrilling feral wildness, but the Magdelaine was more of the room’s favorite.

1982 Sociando Mallet
Beautiful nose of pine resin, wood smoke, bell pepper, campfire ash, unsweetened chocolate, sagebrush. The bouquet grows with air as some sweetness emerges, but the nose is not flashy; it remains restrained, cool, classy, deep. To taste, there’s cassis, black olives, and some black tea notes. The fruit is quite earthy/leathery/cedary, but still beautifully intact. With air, some minty vanilla notes emerge. There are ample, hard tannins which harken to another era, but that are now silky smooth. I find this combo --silky iron-- pretty thrilling. Finishes long, cool, shrubby. This is the best bottle I’ve had of this, incredible. 94-95 pts.

1982 Magdelaine
So good. Sweet cherry fruit, almost confected, but with bright acids and stiff, bark-like tannins. Very pretty next to the beefier 82 Sociando, but with terrific persistence and concentration. There’s a wintergreen top note on the nose that I seem to get on all mature vintages of Magdelaine. As usual, quite Burgundian in style. Smooth, mature, balanced, complete. 94-95 pts.

I recall an '82 Magdelaine that I brought to a horizontal here a few years ago with very similar notes to yours, especially on the sweet and confected side.

That 82 Sociando sounds good.


Thanks for the notes. I have a few 82 Sociando and it is good to know that there is no rush to crack open.

Yes, that Sociando sounds wonderful!

Carlos, I expect the 82 Sociando to hold at this level for a bit, though it has probably entered the “only good bottles” phase. It hard to see it get any better than this night.

I had both of these wines earlier in 2016, and neither bottle showed nearly this well.

Ramon and David, I know you two would really have enjoyed the Sociando. It’s of course fun when a cru bourgeois shows at this level too.

The Magdelaine seems to be a ying-yang sort of wine, with lots of pretty, sweet fruit combined with rustic tannins and high acids. Though the 82 may be a bit of an outlier.

I can see why you forgot to invite me :smiley:

Yes, these wines are firmly in the old school, AFWE camp stylistically. Nothing opulent or lush to see here.

Sounds terrific Pat!

Put me in the wait list!