1977 Chateau St Jean Johannisberger Riesling individual bunch selected Late Harvest Belle Terre Vineyard

Leaking cork. Tootsie roll color with golden edges. aged Riesling on the nose. Juicy palate with tootsie roll finish with acid cleanup. Over the hill but juicy. I like the hill it’s on, though
Would be good with chocolate or caramel deserts


I remember drinking these candy in a bottle wines ages ago. Wherever did you find such an aged example?

Probably Winebid, been pooping up a bunch recently.

I’ve had it since release (in the olden days, I was ITB retail). I still have a bunch of old, odd wines in my cellar

I can’t remember which vintages I’ve had but I’ve had some of these 70’s era CsJ dessert wines too in the last decade or so. Very viscous and dark, but delicious. Low acid for my tastes.

Nice pictures

Well, that would explain the color.

Never had the 1977, but had the 1978 a number of times. Loved it when it was young (probably at its prime my favorite California sweet wine) but then it got real dark eventually and lost a lot of its fruit. Would be interesting to taste one of these again. Thanks.

We were wine club members at CSJ in the '90s and bought several of their stickies, mostly from the '80s, IIRC. Wasn’t there a Hoot Owl Vineyard sticky? We really enjoyed those wines.

Also have a lot of sentiment attached to Chateau St Jean. Thanks for the impression.