1976 TBA

1976 Louis Guntrum Niersteiner Orbel Scheurebe Trockenbeerenauslese - Germany, Rheinhessen (9/1/2018)

10% alc. Deep golden to caramel in colour, displaying delicious dry apricot, raisin, burnt sugar, honey and crème brulee. Medium oily, great balance and intense long. Maybe still evolving, Wow Glorious!

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Also, I have had nice Scheurebe TBA

Is that method the best expression of Scheurebe?

Interesting, i have a magnum of the Guntrum Oelberg Riesling TBA from 1976, and could never find the right occasion to serve it.

Scheurebe is more aromatic and fruity with slightly less acidity than Riesling, easier to use for sweet wines?

The perfect size for ageing! Purchased at the Weingut?

No, on one of our Boston pillages in the mid1980s

TBA is my favorite dessert wine, with Vin Santo a close second.

Yes! TBA Never Gets Old, It Only Gets Better !!