1976 Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Beerenauslese

No, I an not posting tasting notes.

I have a 750 ml bottle of this that I have had buried in my cellar for many, many years, and now I am thinking of sending it off to auction. I would never do this with any of my Burgs, especially any that I have an emotional relationship with like my Rousseau’s, Dujac’s, etc., but well, I just think I would enjoy converting this to many more bottles of Burgundy rather than drinking it.

I can’t find any of these in the USA of this vintage or similar on WineSearcher, except for one bottle over $5K in Germany.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to what auction house may do best with German wines. Or wine stores specializing in high end German wines.

I’ve bid on and purchased sweet German Riesling from HDH on a few occasions. There are typically just a few lots per auction, but the bidding seems robust (to me at least) and the Egons seem to command pretty good prices.

In the last couple of years, high end German wines have finally become a “thing” in the broader market- and Egon Muller leads the pack. A dessert wine of theirs from a top vintage should do quite well at auction. I think $5,000 is ambitious- that is a retail price there for someone who just has to have it and does not care the cost- but you should certainly expect 4 figures.

The most recent similar auction result I have at hand is from the 2017 Grunewald sale (a collector of note for careful sourcing and provenance- so getting better than average results generally when he sells), where Acker sold a bottle of the 1971 for $2,400 (hammer price before buyer’s premium) on an estimate of $2,000-3,000. In the same sale, a 1983 Eiswein sold for $1,600, and around that time a client of mine sold a bottle of the same wine to a prominent broker for a similar price.

For auction, I would talk with Acker or Sotheby’s. For direct private sale, I would suggest Benchmark. Benchmark has put serious emphasis on sourcing rare German wines of late and they do a good business in them considering the miniscule quantities.

Those 3 outlets are where I suspect you would get the best return.

Oh, I would never sell such a treasure, but it is of course a legitimate decision…
Curious: how much did you pay for it? When did you buy it?

Thank you for the info.
I haven’t sold any of my wine for many years, not since I liquidated the Bordeaux and some other bottles that I just didn’t care about any more and plowed the dollars back into more Burgundy.
I think I bought the bottle sometime in the mid to later 80’s but cannot remember exactly when, and I also cannot recall how much I paid, but it could not have been much over a couple of hundred dollars at most.