Our lunch group deviated from our usual big and bold red wine theme to explore the wines from Loire. I deviated from my usual note taking role and just sat back and enjoyed the fellowship, food and wines.

There were a few remarkable wines that I remember enough to make note of so here’s another one, the last one of 3:

1973 DOMAINE des BAUMARD QUARTS de CHAUME- Chenin Blanc; 13% abv; I`ve had many a 375ml from younger vintages, but never a 750ml this old and it was a treat to discover how viable this 45 year old sweetie is and really its not all that surprising, in fact, one mentioned it may be in a better place now than at anytime before; following the gold color, came orange blossoms, peach and honeysuckle on the nose with more of the same plus ripe pear, apricot, ginger and honey joining in to add to the sweet taste profile; it had a semblance of elegance, was creamy on the feel and long on the finish leaving a glazed sugar like coating on the palate. A drop was pretty serious and after 24 wines, I really did not need a lot more for a taste; I did not see how much was left after it was passed around, but I have to think it was at least half full. to end on a positive note.



Very cool.

What Karl and Todd said.
I love these wines but have never tried one this old.

I have a couple 2000 in my ultra long term experiment box.

These old Baumards last a loooong time. I’d advise not drinking it all in day 1

  • 1967 Domaine des Baumard Quarts de Chaume - France, Loire Valley, Anjou-Saumur, Quarts de Chaume (8/18/2013)
    Direct from Baumard cellar. Medium gold. Reticent oxidative, raisiny nose. Bruised apple, pleasantly oxidative, spiced honey, plenty of RS left. Seamless from start to finish if a bit non-complex. Still kicking when revisited on day 3. Still seems young. (92 pts.)

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Cool note! Never had the '73, but have had Baumard back to '62. Always great when a wine from a poor vintage shows well!

As for the '67, Chris, I’ve had that at least eight or nine times over the past twenty years and it’s really not one that I would call young at this point. While still offering enjoyable drinking, I find it starting to get a bit long in the tooth, though these wines really don’t fall off a cliff, but rather go through a long, slow decent.

Confused about the “young” comment when its got “oxidative, raisiny” notes. Help me here.

Me too!

The '98 from 375s in the last couple of years has been gorgeous, though not yet in the “old” category. Early middle-aged, I say.

Thank you Blake!

Have had the '80 and '81, both very youthful.

Thanks for the note Blake.