As a second-generation sommelier and restaurateur from Chicago, Philippe André has been on the cutting edge of wine and cuisine for sixteen years. He developed a passion for hospitality, wine education and Champagne early in his career. Before his current roles as the U.S. Ambassador for Charles Heidsieck Champagne and Private Client Director at FOLIO Fine Wine Partners, Philippe focused on wine auction curation, luxury wine and spirits brand development, and hospitality management. In addition to his Champagne travels Philippe serves on the board of the United Sommeliers Foundation in the support and development of future Sommeliers and was celebrated on the cover of Wine Enthusiast’s 2021 issue of the top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers: Philippe André, 37 | 40 Under 40 Tastemaker 2021 | Wine Enthusiast

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For my birthday again (YES, THE 27th) I’m proud to offer up some of the most kickass bubbles on the planet from our cellars in REIMS direct to yours!
All wines are currently stateside in our Napa warehouses, unless noted.
Availability is on a first come basis and VIA timestamp.
All prices are exclusive of shipping or applicable taxes.

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Charles Heidsieck – REIMS
4,000 cases imported annually, historical nano-House founded in 1851


La Collection Crayères
An annual library release of selections by Chef de Cave Cyril Brun

Paying homage to his historic cellars,
Charles Heidsieck unveils its greatest treasure to oenophiles
through a Collection called “Crayères”. Just like an old tome
where every page recounts dazzling quests, an OEnothèque
of staggering vintages is to be revealed in a new edition
of eight incredible bottles.
Closely guarded, those Crayères, the impassive
guardians of Champagne secrets, have seen thousands
of bottles produced over the years, coddling and sheltering
them peacefully from noise and daylight.
Time, like a “fourth varietal”, has crafted the soul
of the wines in the Crayères Collection. Extended ageing
on lees has unlocked the full potential of their aromas.
Each vintage has its own signature, its own generous tone.
Rooted in the highest standards and precise construction,
all promise to deliver a harmonious combination of flavors.
Selectively released, whosoever is lucky enough to enjoy these
precious jewels can boast of experiencing the dream
of travelling through time.

150 years ago, Charles-Camille Heidsieck was one
of the very first founders of a Champagne House to take
the bold step of purchasing a number of authentic chalk cellars

  • 47 no less - tucked away in the historic heart of Reims.
    Lost cathedrals, subterranean pyramids, it is impossible
    to describe the full majesty of these immense Gallo-Roman
    chalk cellars, the “Crayères”. This unique setting, carved into
    the chalk over two-thousand years ago, is today listed
    as a World Heritage Site.
    In this labyrinth of galleries, the echo of time resonates
    with quality. 30 meters underground, the peaceful silence
    and humidity make them the perfect sanctuary in which
    to leave wines from the Crayères Collection to serenely
    blossom, hidden away in the Charles Heidsieck cellars.
    Each bottle brilliantly showcases the skill of Charles Heidsieck’s
    Cellar Masters; only insightful blending and the highest quality
    production can withstand such a test of time.
    As they mature, further bottles will be opened for passionate

Patiently produced from vivid blends enhanced by the mystery of ageing in Charles Heidsieck’s 2000-yearold
chalk cellars, vintages from La Collection Crayères are precious treasures, selectively released, that will
delight the most demanding palates. Around an exceptional quartet, this 5th Edition celebrates the 40th
anniversary of the 1981 harvest, a vintage as beautiful as it is rare in the Champagne region, remembered
for its very small yet outstanding harvest.

1981 Jeroboam 3Liter
1987 Disgorgement
1 Pak OWC - 2 Jeroboams Available
RETAIL $3800

No one could have predicted that 1981 would see
champagnes of such outstanding quality.
For one thing, the vines were suffering the consequences of the
harsh weather events experienced in 1980. They then had to
overcome the effects of spring frosts which destroyed
a quarter of the potential crop.
The critical flowering period was also disappointing, resulting in
only a very small harvest of an average 4,300 kg/ha at the end of
Against all odds, upon tasting both the Chardonnay and Pinot
Noir grapes proved elegant with good acidity, strength and
extremely interesting aromatic ranges.
Forty years later, they reveal their full potential in our
champagnes, making the 1981 vintage as beautiful as it is rare.

60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay

To the eye:
The deep golden robe offers light coppery glints with
vivacious effervescence and very delicate bubbles.

On the nose:
The initial nose possesses notes of toast and mocha,
followed by the typical Champagne salinity. Upon swirling the
wine, notes of candied citrus (tangerine, grapefruit, ginger) and
dried figs intervene to lend the wine a very youthful character.
Tertiary aromas appear at the finish (truffes, undergrowth,
musk) to hint at a delicious palate.

On the palate:
A sensational surprise: such amazing freshness
for a wine of this age! The wine then generously unfurls to reveal
a silky texture and rich notes of mocha and toast.
The balance of freshness and opulence make this champagne an
absolute reference.




Charles Heidsieck is proud to launch the very first ever vintage of Coteaux du Champagnois in the house’s 171 years to the Wine Berserker community!
This year, the Maison Charles Heidsieck is renewing with tradition and producing a very small number of red Coteaux Champenois from Ambonnay, Cyril Brun’s very favorites. A genuine invitation to become inspired by the beauty of the profession of a master blender and the expression of a terroir

The House has always produced the red wines to be used for blending its cuvees. It carries a special meaning for Cyril, however. In the past, he focused heavily on the work of vinifying reds in Champagne. It is therefore no surprise if Cyril is having fun working at the vinification of still wines. These Coteaux are an opportunity for him to return to his earlier interests.

For the reds, everything starts in the vineyard. When sampling Pinot Noir grapes, Cyril assess the potential of the plot. Trusting in his intuition, he leaves the berries to mature before the harvest. Following vinification, his task of blending free-run and press wines enables him to perfect his work and refine the wine’s style.

With a free hand to choose, Cyril Brun has decided to select only several casks, those which he considers to best express a natural indulgence and the pleasure he himself feels upon tasting them.

The Chief Winemaker is the one and only judge of time and the exact moment when he should intervene. The decision-maker of the very moment, accurate to the day, where the wine will have reached aromatic perfection.

“Rich, powerful and well-structured, these wines boast all the elegance of a spring-summer fashion collection. They elevate any aperitif with fine company, a large group of family or friends during a long meal on a terrace. Here we have a delicious choice between immediate gratification with the bottle version or the desire to satisfy our curiosity with a visit to the cellar to taste the magnum. In both cases, the aromatic profile of the Pinot Noir will be the perfect accompaniment for a Peking duck or parsley ham terrine served with baby potatoes and candied shallots.” Cyril Brun, Chef de Caves

This year the Maison Charles Heidsieck is renewing with tradition and producing a very small number of red Coteaux Champenois.

100% Pinot Noir

Wines from 2019, aged one year in old oak barrels.

The Les Champsots plot lies in the heart of the Ambonnay terroir, a Grand Cru located on the southern side of the Montagne de Reims. The vineyard corresponds naturally to the production of red wines and Cyril therefore wanted to exploit its full potential.

The robe is a brilliant ruby red.

The powerful initial nose offers notes of black fruits (black currants, blackberries, black cherries), giving way to floral and spiced aromas (violets, ginger, liquorice, pepper, cinnamon). When swirled in the glass, smoky, even peaty, aromas appear.

The generous palate is tannic and supple with a silky finish of salted caramel.

To be enjoyed immediately after decanting, through 2069 and beyond!

2019 Vintage Coteaux Ambonnay
Still Red, 100% Pinot Noir
3 Pak OWC - 6 available

2019 Vintage Coteaux Ambonnay MAGNUM
Still Red, 100% Pinot Noir
1 Pak OWC - 6 available

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RARE Champagne - REIMS
2,000 cases imported annually, literally rare: only 12 vintages produced, ever.

History of Rare
Truly an extraordinary occurrence, only twelve vintages of Rare Champagne have been created in the last 4 decades: 1976, 1979, 1985, 1988, 1990, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2008 and Rare Rosé Millésime 2007 and 2008.Régis Camus, the cellar master of Rare Champagne, only produces this iconic champagne in the most exceptional of vintages - vintages with distinctive character and unparalleled longevity. With bold origins as a tribute to Marie-Antoinette, the limited-production and unabashedly exclusive Rare Champagne is a regal rejection of convention.

Terroir & Blending
Rare Champagne transforms the obstacles of nature into an unrivalled champagne. Each Rare Millésime is born from the struggle with nature. For instance, Rare Millésime 1976 was created after an exceptional drought, Rare Millésime 1985 following a terrible black frost. As the guardian of the Rare Champagne style, cellarmaster Régis Camus selects the vineyards according to their expression rather than their rank in the scale of Premiers and Grand Crus. This uncommon blending approach contributes to the complex, distinguished, and yet pure style of Rare Champagne. Camus thinks outside the box to create an emblematic silky texture and an endless freshness for Rare Champagne. His unconventional selection of Chardonnay grapes from the Montagne de Reims, a region famous for Pinot Noir, give an incredible, endless freshness and precise minerality. He prefers the Pinot Noir grapes from the Montagne de Reims (for instance Verzy or Aÿ) for their sheer intensity and powerful silky texture.

Régis Camus | Cellar Master
Since 2004, Régis Camus has been awarded the title of Sparkling Winemaker of the Year eight times by the prestigious International Wine Challenge. Born and raised in the Aisne department of France, Régis earned a scientific degree at university and planned on a career in teaching before moving to Reims to undertake studies in winemaking. Régis joined Piper-Heidsieck in 1994 and became cellar master in 2002. In 2018, Régis retired from his role as cellar master for the entire Piper-Heidsieck portfolio to focus exclusively on Rare Champagne. Married and the father of three children, Régis Camus loves hiking in the country and in the mountains. To relax over the weekends, he enjoys handiwork around the house and working in the garden. Régis also has a passion for vintage cars.





1988 Brut RD
2019 Disgorgement
1 Pak OWC - 4 available
70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir

Following an intense year, Rare Millésime 1988 is a generous and heady wine. The weather was uneven and weeks of record heat vied with very cool temperatures, unveiling a mature and opulent vintage. Its “coziness” demands that the wine be savored like a great cognac. Given its enticing, welcoming sophistication, it offers incredible ageing potential. In the bright, deep gold hues, vivid yet discreet bubbles weave an attractive effervescence.

An initial plump scent of plants, dried fern and humus, is followed by a sensuous truffle fragrance and the floral overtones of figs and dates. The core is characterized by warm notes of ripe grains, refreshed by verbena. The velvety texture of cocoa beans gives way to more powerful notes of dried fruit, hazelnuts and dried currants. The aromas of plants and herbs, peppered with hints of eucalyptus, is combined with the delicious scents of sandalwood and incense. The final harmonies of tobacco, truffle and “old library” unfurl in an extraordinary freshness and aristocratic roundness, even 30 years after bottling. Drink until 2030.


1998 Brut RD Magnum - ETA APRIL
2020 Disgorgement

1 Pak - 4 available

3 Pak - 4 available
RETAIL $2100

70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir
Released only in magnum, Rare Millésime 1998 captivates as its power expresses richness and complexity before merging into delicate elegance. The weather was wet and sweltering. During a year of pouring rains, a heat wave in August burnt the grapes, nevertheless resulting in a vibrant and complex vintage.

Sparkling golden green highlights with refined, delicate bubbles. An initial and extremely elegant touch of sandalwood and cedar gives way to a more generous and precise bouquet of gingerbread, orange blossom and dried apricot. The lasting aromas are those of meringue, cocoa and licorice, finishing with a more mineral tone of underwood, camphor and bergamot orange. Between firmness and warmth, richness and complexity, its marvelous purity expresses creamy notes of peony, brown sugar and delicious aromas of gingerbread blossoming in a sheer freshness and an everlasting finish. Drink until 2035.

2002 Brut Methuselah 6Liter
2020 Disgorgement
1 Bottle - 2 available
RETAIL $5500

70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir
Perfectly classic, Rare Millésime 2002 combines spicy aromas with freshness, oriental scents with minerality, purity with precision. The weather was idyllic and benevolent sunny weather gave a generous harvest with magnificent grapes. An exceptional summer resulted in a deep, sumptuous vintage.

The first scent is subtly floral with touches of honeysuckle, iris and jasmine. Then, notes of exotic fruits (mango and kiwi), dialogue with vetiver and exotic woody scents. On the flawless nose, the mild spices reflect the wine’s depth (white pepper, ginger, smoked tea and cumin) and enhance its magnificent and complex minerality. The silky lace of mocha flirts with the soft breath of exotic aromas (mint tea, lime, kumquat, mango, kiwi and candied ginger) to underline the purity and the texture of this vintage. Delightful vivacity and superb bouquet of spices leads to a delicate, long finish. Drink until 2035.


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Piper-Heidsieck Champagne - REIMS
Founded in 1785

History of Piper-Heidsieck

Émilien Boutillat | Cellar Master VIDEO




Hors-Serie 1971 RD
2021 Disgorgement
1 Pak OWC - 12 available
50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir

HORS-SÉRIE 1971 is remarkable for the singularity of each bottle. The blend
is the same for the 2021 bottles produced: the freshness, so emblematic of
the Piper-Heidsieck style, remains present. Nevertheless, during the 50 years
of cellar ageing, the wine has evolved differently. Each bottle boasts its own
personality and will offer a distinctive tasting experience; hence the reason
for numbering each individual bottle.

HORS-SÉRIE 1971 affirms itself to be an exceptional vintage. The complementarity of the impressions
on the nose and palate is astonishing. It unveils a continuum of aromas and flavours that reflect
the time that passed between 1971 and today. It represents a journey of years that we follow with relish.

HORS-SÉRIE 1971 offers a discrete effervescence in a coppery golden robe.

The initial nose is direct, opulent and spiced, with a powerful aromatic palette. The journey begins with a stroll through the undergrowth, which rapidly turns into the extravaganza of a spice market.
Notes of liquorice and cloves give way to coffee and dark chocolate. Followed by black and dried fruits such as black currant, plum, damson, figs and dates, yielding to nuances of the Orient and dried flowers.
HORS-SÉRIE 1971 continues to evolve magnificently in the glass. Its balance marries
the perfect touch of gingerbread, candied tropical fruit with the slight bitterness of dark chocolate.

The full harmonies develop on the palate, with a spectacular freshness for a fifty-year-old champagne. Its long finish coats the palate with a velvet touch. A perfect alliance of vinosity and lushness, its tautness reveals a contemporary style with vibrant accents of citrus.
The finish highlights the vintage’s subtle effervescence as it rekindles that unique freshness.

Between 8°- 10°C

When the perfect moment appears.

Comté aged 18 months, fresh grated ginger, cumin
Lamb tagine
Curried monk fish




  • 3 bottles Piper-Heidsieck Hors-Serie 1971
  • 6 bottles Charles Heidseick Rose Reserve, MV

4 packages available (9 bottles total)

RETAIL $2500

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