1969 Lafite for $29,000?

Someone must have accidentally used a comma instead of a dot! Interesting article . . .

$13,500 check given to education foundation by husband of woman charged with embezzlement" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Hmm. Maybe they meant 1869, or a jeroboam of 1959? Not to mention they wrote “Lafitte”

Sad but interesting story, feel awful for those that lost wine

I believe it was an 1859, no second ‘T’.

Hmmmm, the mystery continues…

Who does this guy remind me of… ???

…maybe this??

Miranda Heller remembers the taste of the 1875 port she savored on her 40th birthday. > The deep red liquid > had been made by her great-great-grandfather from some of the oldest vines in California, and it still hummed on her tongue 121 years after its creation.