1967 vintage Birthday Wines

I am one of the unlucky wine enthusiasts born in 1967. I tried to find decent birthday wines to mark my 30th and 40th birthdays with limited success. So far the best results have been a 1967 Bertani Amarone, 1967 Beaulieu GDL, 1967 Montrose, and a 1967 Gaja Barbaresco.

Looking to assemble a decent wine lineup for my upcoming 45th and wanted to tap the experience of the forum to identify recent successes. So far the wines lined up are as follows.

Heitz Martha’s
Leoville Las Cases
Conterno Monfortino
Quinta Noval Nacional

Would like to get to 12 wines for a tasting format. The D’Yquem has been purchased but is saved for the 50th (God willing).


Dr. Parce Banyuls Vielle Vignes

I’m also a '67, have drunk a fairly large number…

Latour is good. Mouton is ok, also enjoyed one of 2 Haut Brions but not a Margaux. The Bdx. in this year seem to be very variable, depending on storage…

'67 DRC Richebourg and 'GE were both pretty good, the LT was just ok (but not a great bottle). Also had a village wine (can’t remember of the top of my head) that had come direct from the cellars that was fresh and delicious, so good condition bottles of Burg. may be worth investigating if you can find some.

'67 was a good year for Aussie wines also, Penfolds made a special bin (bin 7) that is excellent:

1967 Penfolds Bin 7 Cabernet/Shiraz:
Wow. This was my bottle, and being a birth year wine I have had it more than a few times, but this was easily the best example yet. Classic old Penfolds in all respects. Deep dark colour, deep dark wine, laden with spicy black plummy fruit, and with a beguiling thread of liquorice running right through the wine. This was still in such magnificent shape that looking at it’s aging curve it presented, you could have easily said it was from the ‘90’s…And yet, at the same time it was fully resolved, and was a wine with class and a lovely balanced finish. Good bottles of this will hold on it’s peak for perhaps 20 years or more before it even starts to decline. In the top 3 wines tonight, and again, absolutely world class.

Grange is still very much alive and is ok. I had as Wendouree Shiraz that was spectacular, and a Borgogno (reserve?? can’t remember) was also pretty good.

'67 Nacional is pretty good, so enjoy that…

I’m a '67 drop also, and marked my 40th with a VP that was very good (amongst a bevvy of other wines). Can’t recall the producer, or much after lunch for that matter!

67 d’Yquem. Had one about 8 years ago, awesome.

'67 La Chapelle = Yummy!!

Kent, that Port was the 1967 Taylors Vintage Port “Quinta de Vergellas". Have you still got that egg on your head from the stage diving accident at your 40th?

Sadly the craze for 1967 Pomerols, driven in large part by the huge number of fakes from prior eras that have been proclaimed great wines, had made most of the absurdly expensive- but if you can find a decent deal I would suggest Lafleur-Petrus.

1967 right bankers can be very good - Canon has been excellent. I also agree that Montrose is pretty good and great value. Baroli are also decent. Clearly the top option is Yquem, but you already know that.

67 Latour was the first top end wine I ever had. This was in 1983. It was an epiphany.

Yeah, Ive had that (still have some left), is pretty decent…

Antoniolo made excellent gattinara in 1967. I bought a bottle when I visited there in 2004 for a friend’s birthyear wine and his drinking group found it stunning (and bought more).

1967 Taylor’s Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Port. A bit of bottle variation now showing, but a well stored bottle is drinking very well at the moment.

had 67 latour at knightsbridge this past weekend. served blind. very surprised how well it was drinking and understand it was the worst of the 6 pack or so they recently gt

I have several friends with '67 as their birth year and tasted thru a number of wines to find something good for their 40th parties. Had great luck with Ch. Palmer and recently had a leftover bottle that was still quite nice.

Thanks for some great ideas. Please keep them coming.

Off to hunt now…

I didn’t think the prices for 1967 were that high that it would have been worthwhile faking. Anyway can attest to a recent 1967 Trotanoy from an impeccable source, and it was excellent (93 points). Petrus five years ago was in a good place too.

At that age, it is always going to be hit or miss. It was a very good year for Barolo. If you can find good bottles, the G. Mascarello (the first wine made by Mauro and incredibly youthful), Bartolo Mascarello (actually Cantina Mascarello back then). Giacosa made a Riserva Asili Barbaresco that is great and a Rionda Riserva Barolo. 1967 is the first year that Produttori del Barbaresco made single-vineyard riservas and they can be very good. Provenance will be key for all of these. Chambers Street and Rare Wine Co are probably your two best bets.

Me too… grouphug was going to suggest the '67 Nacional & Yquem but that’s already in there.

Unless we go into … whiskey and that’s trouble [wink.gif]

  1. '67 Tomintoul single cask
  2. '67 Highland Park Single cask

Look for Barolo Borgogno Riserva, one of my favorite 1967s an easy to find woodland hills or Grapes The Wine Company have it for less than $160