1959 Vogue Question

Anyone ever see a “Grand Musigny” Vogue label that differs from the classic label? I didn’t notice a negociante name on the label.

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Found this with the oldies. Shipped by Poulet Pere & Fils on the importer label and foil top. Did they buy a barrel or bottled wine?


I’d suggest you email that photo or a high-resolution version of it, to the domaine. I’ve never heard of the cru being called “Grand Musigny”, but 1959 was a long time ago.

Vogue used to sell barrels of their wine, even Musigny. My bet is that this is a negociant bottling of the Musigny. Nobody would fake a Musigny with a completely different label, I would think. What does the strip label on the top read, something about the “Poulet Pere et Fils” who bottled the wine?


Thanks Alan that probably explains it. “Shipped by Poulet Pere & Fils”. Internet search Poulet finds many different older bottleings so I assume they were a negociant. Can a negociant use a Domaine name on their bottle? Guess so.

That is the strange part about it, Paul, the de Vogue name appearing on the label. The shipper’s strip label does not generally mean the wine was bottled by the shipper, I would think.

I am late in this thread and I do not know if it would help or not, but would like to add the following information by Coates ( in his 1st Edition of C’Or ) re Musigny :

The vineyard has always consist of two section, divided by a path. The northern part, slight the larger, is Grand-Musigny, or simply Musigny. The southern, in plural, is Les Petits-Musignys. This might make you expect the latter was the more morcellated, but no. This part is the monopoly of the Domaine Comte George Vogué. ****

BTW…Lewis made the most logic suggesion : e-mail and ask Domaine. .

One of the issues with asking the domaine is that they dont have any older wines…there was never really any wines held back until around 1985.

That said…they might have some records…but who knows…they did sell off quite a bit of wine in barrel.

That faively musigny looks tasty ?

We are having a faively musigny vertical tasting in Melbourne, Australia. Want to drop by ?

In times gone by de Vogüé routinely sold off barrels of the Musigny to many negociants. In Beaune a couple of years ago had two mags of the '47 side by side - one the estate bottling, the other bottled by Drouhin…