14` Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Ceps Centenaires VV Santenay

2014 PIERRE-YVES COLIN-MOREY CEPS CENTENAIRES VIELLES VIGNES SANTENAY- after numerous fine Chardonnays from this stellar producer, this is my first red Santenay from him and it was good enough to merit posting notes; the nose was redolent of wild red fruit which translated into mildly spicy cranberry, cherry and my childhood borrowed wine descriptor, jujube, on the palate; it had a medium body and charming softness; its really an easy and fun drink and could be a candidate for a hot summer night rose fill in with a little chill; I found it for around $45 [and other vintages are less] so its a good QPR for sure.


I have a few of these, as well as the '13s. I haven’t opened any yet, and this is the first TN I’ve seen (thanks!). I’ll open one this summer and jump back on your thread.


I opened a 2010 about two years ago and my impression was of a delicious wine that was pretty serious too. Santenay can be really nice mid-term drinkers and the rest of my stash won’t get touched for a few more years!

The 2013 is stellar. I haven’t opened any of my 2914 yet.


Better not open that 2914 for at least another 900 years. neener
(But thanks for reporting back on the '13)


I’ll share a bottle of that 2914 with you in 2919 if you’re available!

Looking forward to your notes Warren.

Interesting that the 10` was “pretty serious” as this bottle was more simple, light and easy and still had enough to be quite enjoyable. Bottle variation or vintage or both?

The ‘10 is the only vintage of this I’ve tried.

The 12 is also great.