100 point Chardonnay

No revelations or discoveries here, just my best showing ever for an all-time favorite and great:

2005 Mount Eden Chardonnay, Santa Cruz Mountains – Always great wine, this last bottle was just stunning. I’ve noted the color variation between bottles and enjoyed wonderful bottles that were medium to deep gold. But this one was a bright straw color. The aromas were amazingly young and fresh, featuring white fruits, quince, hazelnut, pine and cactus flower. The palate was truly dense, muscular without a hint of fat, with immediate pig-iron hardness instantly yielding to something firm but friendly, like you lay down on a mattress that only exists in dreams. The panoply of flavors were fully equal to the texture, now with the tiniest hint of butter, something I’ve never found in any other vintage of this wine. Seamless and riveting, it got everybody’s attention and was perfect with grilled swordfish, eggplant and carrots. Rated 100.
I have one bottle left, will consume it before next summer. I have downplayed the color variation in this and other Mount Eden Chardonnay bottlings, but it looks like I learned something from this: I guess the color variation matters. This was the lightest colored bottle of this I’ve had in maybe five years and clearly the best.

Dan Kravitz

Color variation can tell a lot.

ME chards are indeed outstanding!

Great note!

We should all be so lucky to one day experience a Chardonnay of this quality. And to think that it didn’t’ have to be a Montrachet. Salute!

Hi Dan, great note and I fully share your fondness for Mount Eden Chardonnays. My introduction to these stemmed from a case purchase of the 2003 and that last btl several years ago was definitely the best, and got me buying them on a yearly basis as I chase that repeat performance.

So one that is aging as if under screwcap… :slight_smile:

An argument can be made for Mt Eden as the greatest VALUE in the world of elite Chardonnay.

I recently had the 2012, which was #5 on the spectator top 100 two years ago. It was excellent.

I made the mistake of pouring the 2012 following a 2015 Aubert Lauren… it was an unfortunate decision as all had gushed over the elegance of the Aubert… the Mount Eden seemed a bit clunky afterward. It was riper, more lemon, and showed its alcohol more. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the bottle, but sometimes you don’t want to take photos next to the prom queen

True !