10 most fattening Superbowl foods

Yep, that is Coop for sure! He serves those up at Cooperstown in D/T Phoenix.


Just had a couple of great Johnsonville Brauts cooked outside on my tailgater grill. Brauts/beer and football, what a great combination!

Brat → gebraten → baked or roasted.

Bratwurst → baked or roasted sausage.

Braut = “bride” [whistle.gif]

I am not sure it’s legal in the US to have “a couple of Brauts.”

Reminds me of the GI’s wife who went to the store and asked for “Taubensaft” which shocked the lady behind the counter – Traubensaft is grape juice, Taubensaft means “dove juice.”

Who in the hell puts ketchup on hot dogs? Sacrilege!

Nope, makes you French-Canadian. neener

P.S. I like mayo on both my burger and fries as well.

See you here:

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A great combo…tasty :slight_smile:

Mayo rocks! [dance-clap.gif]

How were nachos not included?

No mention of the bacon explosion?!?!?!?!?