10 hilarious wine commercials from yesteryear...


think I’ll go open another bottle [wink.gif]

A good excuse to revisit this brilliant spoof:

The James Mason spot is truly classic…and classy!

They forgot this gem:

“What’s the word/Thunderbird/what’s price?/thirty twice/Where ya cop? / Beauty Shop!”

Just heard someone reference this Orson Welles commercial the other day.
We shall sell no wine before its time!

Is that a young Ron Jeremy?

No. Young Jeremy Holmes.

Mwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…the French

Where is the one with Gary V and his crew spitting all the wine out from about 5 years.

Nice ads. The James Mason support of Thunderbird makes me cringe. I do remember the following Italian Swiss Colony ads…Gary

Some NSFW naughty words…