10 bottles of 1970 Boones Farm Strawberry Hill

What a find! Out of the way mini mart in Eastern Washington. Bottom shelf. Pristine condition. Original price sticker still on $2.99/btl!!!


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That plastic screw cap wasn’t manufactured until at least 1981. These are Rudy bottles. Are you sure you didn’t get them at Acker??

I bet it’s very well integrated now, with lots of tertiary characteristics starting to show.

It doesn’t count unless there is a weird picture of it in your house or car… or for that matter Winebid.


Better yet, I have a bottle given to me in 1990 as a joke. Original owner. Stored in an active cellar.

That would go wonderfully with popcorn.

Flip it!!!

Are you sure of the vintage? We might have to do some 8 track dating.

I prefer them young.

But please - post a braggadocios note first!

Are the Labels pristine or else i’m not interested

Are you old enough to appreciate that?

Original cardboard box included?

Waiting for the TN, should be interesting. Were you a fan back in the day…or maybe more recently?

Should have been $29.99 each. Bet you dashed from the cashier, before they realized their mistake.

Dude, take that to Auction immediately! You got Liquid GOLD!

Can’t go wrong with flavored citrus wine, but at $2.99 per the retailer must have jumped the price in expectation of a W-S wine of the year nomination.


have the tannins resolved themselves yet?

What you need to do is pop those babies in the trunk of your car and drive them around for 11 months.


They will go remarkably well with vintage 2012 Peeps, if you’ve been keeping your Peep cellar in order.

I LOVE me them old Peeps. They age like fine wine, anywhere from nougaty to crispy!