$1 per ton 2020 mt Veeder cab grapes for sale

So sad. But if anyone wants to go in with me, we can make the berserkers 2020 Napa Smokey cuvée. Just need a winemaker and some used barrels. Grapes probably already have a wood flavor to them.

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I suppose they are hoping someone will just clear the grapes out of the vineyard, saving them the expense of picking them. Such a horrible situation.

Just more “complexity” for you, mates!

Is there no way to counter, or reverse, the effects of smoke taint?

They don’t have to pick. The grapes can hang.

Not really. Could make rose out of it, most of the smoke is on the skins. 28 brix cab rose — mmmm.

I was told you have to pick all grapes off so the vines can shut down and go dormant. Takes stress off the vines so they can be ready for the spring.

Around here, the grapes will drop on their own or the birds will eat them if not netted.

Is that $1/ton price “you pick”? Or are they already picked and ready to go?

I saw a pic on FB from Neal Vineyards that showed all the fruit dropped on the ground announcing they would sell no 2020.

Dammit, I’ve spent my whole life looking for smoke notes in wines! I’ll grab it! neener

John Cabot just takes down the electric fence around the vineyard and the black bears clean up.

Is there a bbq product you could make with all of these grapes like jelly or sauce?

Parker Sauce.

Tainted grapes don’t take on a smoke note, they taste like you are licking an ash tray.

Some of them probably don’t even notice the smoke taint. [snort.gif]

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^^^ Smokey the Bear?

I know you make wine and are more knowledgeable than I am, but I have read articles suggesting that reverse osmosis is reputed to work. I’ve also read some articles that suggest that RO is both not perfect and that the smoke taint can come back over time.

As for the 28 brix Cab rose…I wouldn’t write it off completely. Many winemakers pick at higher brix and add acid and water, it’s just not publicized.

Regarding Rose, I agree you could play mixologist and probably make a nice rose.

Regarding RO and spinning cones - Carol Meredith mentioned this somewhere but the bad “smoke taint” molecules (and there’s probably 6-8 of them) can be in the wine free by themselves or bond to other molecules. The first case can “sort of” be addressed but the latter is a problem. RO/Spinning cones won’t break those chemical bonds.

Kim Jong Un?