"$1.7m" wine theft/conviction

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My “favorite” part of the story is that their names cannot be released because of privacy concerns. They are freaking criminals!


Surprising it took so long to catch them considering there must be a ton of video evidence. You’d think they could have issued a red notice.

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Where does the 1.7 million figure in?

Is that based on their wine list prices?

It could really be more like a 500,000 dollar heist. (The restaurant’s insurance paid 750,000 dollars.)

(Like when the cops say they found and envelope full of cocaine and say they seized 2.8 billion dollars in drugs.)

Plus, they were able to simply carry their haul.

Not recovered, either, so 4 years of cellar time until they can get back to it. :date:


That is weird.

Many European countries restrict the disclosure of arrestees’ and suspects’ names before a conviction. When you read about German arrests, only the first names are disclosed.

England has a similar rule:

Unless there is an exceptional circumstance or legitimate policing purpose, the police should not name those who are arrested or suspected of a crime. …

However, the police can release details of the nature, date and general location of the alleged offence. The police can also release an arrested person’s gender, age, the town or city where they live and disposal (i.e. whether they have been released pending further investigation or whether no further action should be taken). These exemptions do not apply where the release of this information would have the effect of confirming a suspect’s identity.

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Releasing their names might irreparably harm their wine reviewing business.

“The Michelin guide currently rates Atrio as a three-star restaurant. But it had only two stars when the theft occurred”


Those 2 bottles of d’Yquem mentioned are listed for those prices on the website, although the list appears to be from 2018. Reminds me of the thread about high-end wines, are they worth it?

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45 bottles total. $1.7 MM was wine list pricing at restaurant

An 1806 d’Yquem for $375,000

The theft no doubt added to the ambience.

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Ha! Clearly did them a favor and freed them of all that clutter.