08 A.P. Vin Mailer has arrived

Does no one but me love this producer of small production single vineyard pinots
from Sonoma and the Central Coast?

My allocation was 2 cases. I’ll order all and wish list at least another case and a half.

We tasted the finished wines 2 weeks ago from bottling tanks. They were superb!!!

I enjoy it as well and also got the email. However, I am not a fan of paying the email price like I did for the 07 and then seeing those same 07s on the shelf at a local shop for $36 so this year I will pass.

Bud! You are my biggest fan…you earned that prize! [welldone.gif] Thanks!

Rob…totally understand your frustration with pricing…from the horses mouth though I will tell you that my 08 production is down quite a bit and at least four of the wines will not make there way into distribution. Couple that with No Added charges for shipping and I will leave the decision to you…I know you have enjoyed the 07 wines and really appreciate all your interest and support. For that matter…I appreciate eveyones interest and support…especilly Bud Man!



Thanks for the response Andrew. FWIW, Beltramos is the shop that was selling your wine for $36 a bottle. Not sure if they still have any available.

I do like the wine quite a lot and I’ll certainly reconsider and perhaps pick some up.

Thanks for joining Andrew.
Just got the email and will support your effort.
I’ll get some for a mutual friend here in Philly: Ron Braunfeld.
Loved the ones I have tasted thus far.

Rob…yeh Beltramos had some 07 Garys’ if I remember correctly. Thing that always kills me is I have no control over pricing once it leaves the winery and Beltramos only bought I think a case or two. I’m sure they could have sold the wine at full retail…but I don’t make those decisions…can only not sell to them again. The fun of the wine biz…

I’m just the cellar rat!

Thanks for reconsidering Rob…appreciate it.


Ted! Appreciate you spreading the AP word glass by glass. Love the feedback.
Thanks much!


A little off-topic, but Andrew, what are the rough dates for “all hell breaks loose” this year [harvest & ferment]?

Also, will you be going down to Lompoc at all, or are you doing everything 100% in SF?

Andrew - Thanks for participating on this board. Just bought across the 8 vineyards you’re offering this year. Will share the allocation with a friend.
I really like the 07’s and the 05’s. The 06’s not as much but hey, one man’s perfect wine is another man’s base wine for some roast with a red wine demi glace.
So any news on the 08’s - other than in your marketing email. What’s the skinny? Any smoke taint? Any comparisons you can share with prior vintages?
Again, thanks for being here and sharing your passion.

Excellent wines from a most excellent dude. I’ll be buying, although I have to stick with my vow to myself that, if I went super long on 2007s, I would scale back dramatically in 2008. Hard to do.

I agree with all of that statement.

I’m shooting the moon with 07 - and must implement a radical cutback on the 08s.


Hey…Thanks all you “berserkers”…look forward to particpating here!

Nathan…rough dates…hmmm…not certain yet but I might say things might start getting crazy end of next week if we get a bump in heat as they are calling for early next week. Will watch that. Lompoc…miss everyone…but all my time is now spent 100% at my winery in SF. Come visit!

I think the 08’s are a bit more in tune/profile with the '07 vintage vs. '06…still had tiny yields in '08. I wasn’t kidding about my “control freak” approach to the '08’s.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome…and of course the tremendous support and interest in the wines. Can’t do this wonder-filled job without it!