07 Scarecrow FS

I am no flipper, but with price increases, I am seriously considering selling 1-2 of this year’s allotment. I am not interested in a trade, but only serious offers. Two bottles will come with next year’s allotment if offered to me.

Pm me with prices. Thanks. Brian

No soup for you Kazienko! Hey…you coming on May 8th?

come on JB, you probably have 3 cases of Scarecrow. I’m trying to adjust my rounding schedule to make it. will know this week.

Only two cases here but I get VERY thirsty. If you’re coming, better let me know quick. The last two spots are up for grab as we speak. First come…first serve.

Sorry Jack for jacking your thread. And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Thats okay JB you both low balled me. [pwn.gif] hitsfan