'07 Maybach release date MERGED

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will take my 6-pack without hesitation.

I too, and then some… [thumbs-up.gif]

Curious how mags will work

I bought 6 in 2005 & 2006. I was offered mags both years but never jumped.

Get him to post over here!

Despite the undisputable quality of the wine, the $125 price point crosses a pain threshold. I know I am in the minority on this one, but with the quality of the 07 vintage, I am trying to seek out the value buys this year (i.e. The Sisters). [smileyvault-ban.gif]

I hear you and agree Seo. I have eliminated all list wines above $100 except Maybach, Schrader, Scarecrow and Corra. Sadly they are all coming at us now. They are too good to delete from one’s cellar. There are plenty if the $60 range that are great as well that cause less pain.


Seo - I feel the pain too but have let other orders go unplaced so i could take this one. For me this is about my top dollar domestic purchase.

Its quotes like this (and the 99 point score from “the palate”) that keep me on the fense…going to be a game time decision and what my CC bill looks like next month…

I’m surprised that thread is still there. I thought they would consider it shilling.

I’m all in. The 06 was awesome. I can’t imagine how good the 07 will be!!!

Hello from the Winery,

Just a note to say that mailers have been printed and should be posted by February 26.
(Still need to get the neighborhood kids to stamp and seal envelopes.)

A few changes this year:

We will use a flat-rate system to calculate shipping – $4/per bottle Ground
and $6/per bottle for 2-day shipping to reciprocal, contiguous States.
(Shipping to DE, MD. ME, NJ, PA, TN will still be stratospheric.)

Ground service will be an available option cross country (reciprocal States), temperature permitting.
An early March release makes that a viable (and hopefully cool!) option.

Allocations will be as last year, 6/bottles, with wish list for additional.
Price will bump to 125. Hope that isn’t too much of a sour note…
Magnums will be 295, and will likely be per wish list, and favor long-standing customers.

Mailing list, at least the first round, will be anyone who has ever purchased from us
during last three years. Also, Cabernet and Chardonnay will be released simultaneously.

We look forward to sharing the new vintages!

Chris Maybach

Isnt this a commerce corner kinda post?

Not when it’s a wine you like. [berserker.gif]

Welcome Chris. Looking forward to the release. Early March shipping will be great for Texas.

Yep, but it is his first post so he probably did not know!

Funny, Squires didn’t move it to Commerce either. I guess that shows R E S P E C T.
Many may recall that the crew tasted this wine from Mag thanks to Chris in August. Terrific young wine. Buy Buy Buy.
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It’s in response to this thread:

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but with that catchy title, he probably missed it.


I am not blaming Chris. I would love to see him post here. I am just surprised that a mod has not moved this to Wine Pimps or Commerce Corner.

Could there be anything more commercial than a winemaker coming here and announcing the release price of their wine. I do not want to see wine talk filled up with this. And I do not mean that disrespectfully to Chris.

Maybe he should have worked in some bashing of Parker or Miller. That’s Wine Talk, right?

Questioning a wine critic or a wine publication is clearly wine talk, Brad!