07 Domaine La Garrigue, La Romaine--worth new mention

I know it’s been discussed but worth a special mention for those who’ve missed it. The wine is unbelievable. On day 3 this wine is just superb. It has tremendous concentration, excellent balance of acidity, fruit and tannins. I am gonna order an additional 2 cases to add to the 2 from winex. May be the best QPR I’ve ever had!!! [notworthy.gif]


I just finished a bottle on day two Otto and although I agree that the wine was better on day 2, than one it is far from the best QPR I have had. Man some of those 2000 Bords make this taste like Kosher wine. [foilhat.gif]

Sure is hard to find around here - seems everybody is buying it by the case, and I have yet to try it

Jack, if you are referring to the sweetness of the wine, I find it completely balanced by its acidity. Wait…what the hell am I arguing with you Jack… [1928_middle_finger.gif] [rofl.gif] [drinkers.gif]

And don’t you bring any kosher wines to our OL!!! [laughingneqw.gif]


Todd, I’ll have a bottle for you to take home.




Keep hounding WineX. They are bound to dig up more since they are moving so much of it.

I can’t wait until the 06 clears so I can buy some of the 07. The only problem I will have is that most of you in other states will be able to buy it cheaper than my wholesale. [blink.gif]

I’m getting another case delivered today. I plan to let them sit for 6-8 months. I got them at Zachy’s for $12.99 including shipping, I bought a second case of 07 Delas CDR that they forgot to ship with the Garrigue for $9.99. They shipped it overnight UPS last night. The shipping cost more than the wine. [wow.gif]

I’ll just say… I think I was the first to rave about this over on eBob back in January… [big_boss.gif] Having done that, everyone went out and promptly bought it all up so that I only have less then half a case left myself. [dash1.gif]

Rob, buddy, you have to realize that the one who gets the credit for anything is the one who yapps the most. Doug Wilder discovered the 04 Keever and I yapped. The Treana is Todd’s finding, but I will always get the credit. [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

So just go back and be quiet while I will get all the acolades! [rofl.gif] [gheyfight.gif] [drinkers.gif]


If you keep getting credit for the Treana, I will just ban you, then I will get my due praise

Squires in the house, Squires in the house!!!
[stop.gif] [stop.gif] [stop.gif]

I didn’t say I’d belittle and emasculate you, come on.

I go for the jugular, nothing is beneath me, I will call you any names…you Sir are toast! [berserker.gif]

[rofl.gif] [1928_middle_finger.gif]

Back to the topic. I got my case from winelibrary.