'06 Carlisle RRV Syrah

'06 Carlisle RRV Syrah

15.99% Alc. (Whoa!)

Typically, I love Carlisle syrahs, but this one doesn’t push the right buttons for me.

Dark and inky, this starts out right, but overall, it’s somewhat big, yet chunky, clunky, and alcoholic; missing the usual freshness, VERVE AND BALANCE that characterize and balance Mike’s wines…Instead, full of red-hot chunks of big licorice, oak, stewed fruits, and an annoying Australian shiraz accent; some alc. burn on the meaty, long finish; lack of balance. If you have them, I recommend drinking them now.

Not a disaster, but certainly not a Carlisle success, IMHO.

I had this wine in April, and thought it was drinking very well, one of Mike’s more elegant Syrahs, with none of the characteristics you found. Could you have had an off bottle?

I would also recommend drinking it over the near term, but because I find it to be one of the few Carlisle Syrahs from 2005 on which is ready to drink.


David, I had the 2006. You mention 2005.

I had and meant the 2006 RR. I meant to say that I think most of the other Syrahs from 2005 on will benefit from more time. As an afterthought, the 2006 Sonoma is also drinking well, although I had my last bottle a while back.