02 dp p2 $399-thoughts?

got an offer for this today
more than i’d like to spend on any wine but i’ve really liked the regular 02 release over the years and wouldn’t mind owning 2 or 3 of these
thoughts? anyone taste this?

This is not a helpful response, but here you go anyway. I agree that the regular 02 has been so good, and it’s still fresh and on the upswing. I suspect you could find the regular '02 for less than $200 still. That’s what I’d do, as the P2 prices can be aggressive, to say the least.

That said, I recently bought a couple bottles of '95 P2 for $395/per, and it’s really special stuff. I opened a bottle a couple weeks ago and it may be the best wine I’ve had this year. Big step up from the regular '95, which I’ve found a bit variable and occasionally tired. I’ve been less of a fan of the '98-'00 P2, which while very good, are oddly tight and fresh and just a different beast than the regular bottlings.


WTF RU tlkb? [scratch.gif]

I would argue the opposite of Ryan. I think the prices for P2 are silly high for extended lees aging. I love aged champagnes but would rather have the base 02 and hold it for half the price.

I may not have been clear, but that’s what I tried to say first. I’d buy the regular '02 all day long. My second point was just that the '95 P2 is really good–as good or better right now than the regular one. Price still silly, but with older DP it’s harder to find perfect provenance regular bottles.


i’m pretty sure you’re joking but it’s dom perignon 2nd plenitude
oh, and the 02 is short for 2002 [cheers.gif]

Darn. I thought that you had hunted down some for just $0.02.

Regular ‘02 is still available in our market @ $160-170 a bottle. Can’t really see 2.5X quality jump, but then what do I know.

Except unless I was 100% sure the retailer has been properly storing those bottles for the past eight years, I wouldn’t pay half that.

You can still find the ‘96 Oenotheque for that price…why buy the 2002 P2 when you can backfill the 96 Oeno?

What Kirk said. Easy pass on the ‘02 DP.

The 2002 Dom Perignon P2 is a really, really good wine with a lot more stuffing, depth, texture and expression than the original release of the 2002 which is really good, but more linear in comparison. It is a clear step up from the original 02 release in my book, but not quite at the level of the 95 and 96 Oenotheques. $399 is expensive compared to past releases which were more in the $250-$300 range. Going back further, the 95 and 96 Oenos were not hard to find at $225-$250 when they came out and you can still find them for less than $399 now. Then again, you used to be able to find DP at close to $100 without much of a problem and that isn’t true anymore.

Great thread - and with some responses I was not expecting.

It has generally been my understanding that assuming proper storage, no unusual individual bottle issues (corked etc.), that there is not any inherent general change in quality or character between an original release Dom and its various P releases- and that the only real difference is where you are on the aging curve with bottles from original release and all P releases eventually converging.

Is this not the case? I am interpreting from some of these posts that there can be some inherent quality differences between the releases. If this is so, is there any kind of general pattern to this?

It’s not only bottle age.

Decent explanation

Available today in London for $350 all in. 96 also still available in london for $390 all in. Tough to pick the 02 based on that narrow a price gap although I suspect the stock of 96s at that price won’t last long.

I like the description of the p2. “Very good, but tight as old buggery”. Trying to decide how to translate that into American.

Heavily allocated in the UK, I secured 2 bottles at the $350 price.

I still haven’t got going on my big stash of $110 original release.

better than decent. thanks