02 Clos des Goisses, 04 Leflaive Chevalier

Last night for a friend’s birthday I opened the 02 Clos des Goisses and 04 Leflaive Chevalier. The CdG was a little darker than I was expecting and the mousse a little less forthcoming. The wine was rich and dense, with dried fruits but seemed to have a touch of oxidation. I prefer Champagne younger than older (the opposite of white Burgundy) so this didn’t quite live up to expectations. The 04 Leflaive was opened for about an hour or so before pouring but I did taste it just after opening. A bit of reduction showed on the nose but by the time it was poured that had blown off. I’m not sure if it was from the reduction but this never seemed to fully open up. Full bodied with honeysuckle and toasted nuts this wine didn’t quite have the fireworks from other vintages I have had recently. But both wines were very pleasurable. Funny how high expectations can lead to some disappointing bottles.

Jerry, that could have been a bad bottle of the CDG. I had last week a bottle of the 2000 and it was a powerful baby. Have not opened a bottle of the 2002 yet but would be surprised if the 2002 is more developed than the 2000.

thanks for the notes. I have written Leflaive off–premox and price.