001 Vintners Innaugural Release - Graeme MacDonald Winemaker

If I have 3 bottles, I don’t mind opening one at 5 years old.

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Right but now you have a decision to buy the upcoming vintages for 2 years(?) before opening a bottle without knowing what you’ve bought. Not that we all haven’t done this but at that price always better to know before going too deep.


Plan…sit in cellar until upcoming holiday season then sample (hope that CT reviews give direction on best opening process). If the style is within my wheelhouse then go big for the 2021 release, especially if the price maintains. Again, Outstanding… (1) CT notes, (2) Vineyard/Winemaker, (3) Vintage-2019 & 2021.

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When is the 2021 being released? I figure you could lay the '19s down until before the '21 release.

Next vintage will be offered this fall.


Two releases within 6 months :thinking:…but pricing?

Wishlist granted for a mag. Unfortunately, a cool $86 to ship a three pack and mag 60 miles :scream:

Same re Mag wishlist being granted

Same on the mag

I got the MAG too… any idea how many were made? I’m going to pop that as soon as it hits my kitchen counter. Cheers!

Same on mag as well.

Just noticed Roy P.'s recently released Vintner Gazette, states “and the recently bottled 2021, which is still one or two years from release”. This would seem to indicate next spring at the earliest? Only a curiousity based on my spending forcast.

Hi there. the 2019 release was much later than they anticipated because of some delays with licensing and shipping to some states. I had lunch with Jack last month and I specifically asked when they will release their 2021 since they didn’t make a 2020. Jack told me that they would be releasing that wine in the fall. Things could change but that is what was told to me.



Interesting…guess I’ll have to open one of these much sooner than expected / desired or buy another round on faith. Has anyone gotten shipping confirmation yet?

I got a weather hold email from them on the 16th, not many details though.

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Scheduled to ship next Tuesday, should receive by Wednesday. High 60’s for Scto Region so should be OK.