Any recent reports from Zurich? I have a one-night layover and am looking for the best place to eat lunch and dinner. Wine list very important, but food should also be good. Also, any recommendations for how to make the most of a single afternoon in Zurich would be appreciated.

Caduff Wine Loft was phenomenal 4 years ago. Amazing wine cellar

There are nice museums, if it’s mice, a short cruise on the lake. Also Swiss cheese is phenomenal, check out Globus department store’s food hall.

Caduff Wine Loft is a great recommendation. I had heard about the place for years and finally visited in 2017.

Zurich is a great walking city so I would just spend the afternoon walking around. If you start out at the main station (Zurich HB), the lake, the banhofstrasse, the grossmunster, the fraumunster, the old town shops, etc. are all within walking distance.

Caduffs is a great call if wine list is a main focus. But there are lots of really good restaurants in Zurich. I am partial to a very typical, home style Swiss meal at Le Dezaley.

I spent 3 months in Zurich several years ago so know the city well. 1 day is not a lot of time obviously but if you go full tilt walking around the city, you can cover a lot of ground as all of the main sites are centrally located.

Thanks for all of the recs. My trip got postponed by a couple of months, but hopefully I will still have the one day in Zurich in April.

I highly recomend the Lindenhofkeller. It is out of this world!