Zepaltas Fall 2012 release

Got the email from Ryan on the upcoming Zepaltas fall release! Mark the calender for Sept 5th

really excited about about Hanzell bottling. Just had a 09 last week and it was really showing strong. Also intrigued about the new vineyard source and the two new bottlings being added.

Fall Release Update
On Wednesday, September 5th we will send out our Fall 2012 newsletter featuring our latest releases. We will be dropping the latest vintage of Hanzell Vineyard Chardonny, the 2011 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir along with 2 new bottlings that have never been released. The Devoto Vineyard is a new Pinot Noir vineyard that we are working with located up top of Gold Ridge Rd. in the Sebastopol Hills. This will only be released to our mailing list and the quantity is tiny! Also, we are launching a new red wine called Risuena’. We can’t wait to tell you more! It is a special wine to us, and will be a vehicle for us to give back to our community each year. Here is the lineup:

2010 Hanzell Vyd. Sonoma Valley Chardonnay

2011 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

2011 Devoto Vineyard Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

2010 Risuena’ Pinot Noir

Had the opportunity to try the Devoto prior to bottling, and altho obviously young it clearly had a lot of potential - I’m a buyer. IIRC it’s not only single vineyard but also single clone (828).

nice! how was the style, did it compare to anything else in his line-up? Just trying to see if it’s more Suacci or La Cruz oriented.

Not sure how much help I can be here since I haven’t had a La Cruz yet (or the '10 SC which I guess is mostly La Cruz), and have only tasted the '07 Suacci (once), altho I’ve gone thru a couple bottles of the '09 SC which has some Suacci. I would say it was darker-fruited and a bit more concentrated than the '09 SC, and somewhat more tannic. I think it also was the Pinot we tasted that day that had a bit of mushroom initially on the nose, altho I’m not 100% sure on that.

I visited Ryan back in March on the same day as Tanzer. Got to try essentially the whole lineup- including the upcoming Hanzell and RRV. I’m in.

Easy all in. One of my favorite producers.

Here is my take on the Devoto Vyd. PN- the wine is tight & bright and super dense at 13.1% alc. woodsy, herbal with more raspberry, pomegranate fruit on the nose. similar to the 07 or 05 Suacci, or the 07 Barton PN. 50% whole cluster, 33% new oak. definitely in the top 5 of anything we’ve produced. it should hold up nicely in the cellar.

Nice ! thanks Ryan. One of my favorites and really like where you are taking things. See you in October.

Thanks for the description Ryan, that sounds like it’s right in my wheelhouse!

See, just like I said… newhere

Next time I’m gonna stick with “it’s good - buy some!” [cheers.gif]

another fan of Ryan and his wines. the devoto sounds killer…

Wine are available on the website. [cheers.gif] Order in, looking forward to receiving these.

Has an email been sent? I’m still waiting for some info on the Risuená…

No email yet…

Newsletter link:


2010 Risuená California Pinot Noir
Our daughter Audrey was born in January of 2011, and immediately our world was rocked. If you are a parent you know that special feeling of when your child was born. It is beyond explanation. She is the brightest spot in our lives, and daily she brings us so much joy. From the very beginning, Audrey has always had such a great demeanor. She is always smiling, giggling and loves being silly. Her grandmother dubbed her Risuená which means “happy, smiling girl” in Spanish. We love the word, and for Audrey, we wanted to name a wine Risuená. We just had to figure out what we were going to make that would fit the name. Here it is!
The thought behind Risuená is that it’s a wine that can be whatever we want it to be each year. Maybe a Chinon style Cab Franc one year, maybe some old vine Mourvedre the next. Gamay? Zin? Who knows? Everything in life seems so planned out that it can just run you ragged sometimes. The same goes for winemaking. We spend so much time planning and building tradition, that we sometimes forget to
have fun and be spontaneous. We felt like making a wine that doesn’t stick to any rigid theme other than great quality, not so serious, and for less than $20 a bottle.

This year’s model is a blend of Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley. The vineyard sourcing comes from a great location, but a touch too hot to produce elegant Pinots for the Zepaltas Russian River Valley blend. We knew the farming was good, and the fruit was tasty so we knew it would be a perfect match for this wine. On the nose, this wine has cedar, raspberry and blueberries with a touch of orange peel. On the palate there are plush tannins that support a slightly creamy, high-toned strawberry. For a wine that we meant to be straightforward, it has turned out to be quite layered. This is probably our “biggest” Pinot Noir that we have made so it would match with heartier dishes than your typical Pinot Noir pairings.

As a winery, we get asked to donate to charities and we try to contribute as best as we can. In continuing with that spirit, we have decided to donate $1 from each bottle of Risuená sold to a different children’s charity each year. Having a child has changed our perspectives, and seeing any youngster suffering really hits home. This year we will make a donation to The Living Room in Santa Rosa. It is a safe place for homeless women and children to visit for a meal, clothing and other assistance. They help people who are struggling to get back on track.
12 bottle limit

I am absolutely in love with the Zepaltas Babushka chardonnay. I’m only seeing the Hanzell in this release; can anyone comment on how similar the style is between the two?

the 2010 Hanzell is more in line with babushka than the 09 Hanzell. 09 Hanzell is a bit richer, and the 10 is a bit more laser like.

the 2010 Hanzell is excellent. I went all in on it.

will be trying this in October. Sounds like another great chard from RZ.

I’d buy, but they apparently don’t ship to NJ. :frowning: