ZAP, anyone?

Wondering if anyone has reports, feedback, etc to offer on this year’s ZAP?
I was a bit bummed to miss it, after having a good time last year. However, I understand that the format was changed substantially (as well as the venue). Curious as to how it went, favorite wines/producers, etc.

I did only the HVS Flights event on Friday. Fantastic event! I have notes I need to get formatted and I’ll post them sometime this week.

Man, this thread fell off the map in a hurry! Anyone else have a perspective?

Nate, I will talk to you :slight_smile: I didn’t attend this year. That it was more structured didn’'t interest me but I respect the reasons they changed. Previously, I liked to go for a couple hours and taste the wines I am not familiar with. I could not make it to the trade portion in the middle of the week either. I have pared down what I attend. No more WOPN or PD. I will do Rhone Rangers, TAPAS and PNV (and hopefully get to the Wine Futures in Santa Barbara) as part of my Santa Ynez weeklong visit this April. I heard great things about Joel’s panel. I wouldn’t have doubted that for a second!