Zalto Wine Glasses

Happy BerserkerDay!

Zalto Stems For Sale today!

How to order:
Fill the cart
At checkout use coupon code: Zerker17
The discount: 10% off of my normal price. I’ll go broke doing this - but for you folks, it’s worth it!

At the end of the day there will be a drawing amongst all orders. I will be issuing (1)$200.00 store credit and (2)$100.00 store credits

As always, shipping is included and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Be sure to compare these prices to other retail locations - they’re on average, almost 20% higher!

Zalto - Bordeaux, $53.00
Zalto - Burgundy, $53.00
Zalto - Universal, $48.00
Zalto - Bubbles, $48.00
Zalto - White Wine, $48.00
Zalto - Digestif, $48.00
Zalto - Sweet Wine, $48.00
Zalto - Water, $48.00
Zalto - W1 “Rocks” glass/coupe, $35.00
Zalto - Axium Decanter, $100.00
Zalto - Carafes - No.25/No.75/No.150 - $48,$65,$85 respectively

Please note, due to personal and business travel from 1/27 until 2/10 I won’t be able to immediately ship. If there is a requirement to ship immediately please contact me directly and I’ll work very hard on facilitating your needs.

Kind regards,

Chris Freemott
CJF Selections

Well… just saw this AFTER a Gabriel order… Had to add a couple more BDX to my stems!

Love the new site and worked great.

Chris is a good guy and done a lot of transactions with him!

Any chance I can “backorder” the Zalto Mystique Decanter?

I have never owned Zalto glasses so I took the plunge and ordered two of the Zalto Universal glasses. Hope the wife doesn’t mind!

done and in for a 6pack. thanks Chris

Hey Chris! Thanks for this amazing offer. Already got my second axiom, some carafes, and replaced a champagne I broke in my collection recently. I see it’s out of stock, but figured I’d ask if there was any shot at getting the Mystique in this deal as well? Totally understand if can’t be done.

Might get some machine made GG’s for parties. Do those come in a box that would be convenient to keep in the closet by any chance?

Thanks again!

Mystique sold out quickly - working on more. But, call it 2-5 weeks. I’ll email you privately.

To the machines - yeah, get 6 packs and they’ll be in a box that is sturdy enough to store and stash in a closet. Some clients have done the Bed Bath and Beyond thing and gotten those wine glass soft sided holders for their cabinets. Apparently they’re fine in there but please check on your own as I’ve not personally done that nor tested whatever run of products BBB is offering.

Thank you for the order Mike.

Order in - great offer

Awesome offer Chris. Thank you sir. Needed another large Carafe - i love using those to decant SQN Whites! Cheers

What do you guys do with the Carafes? Decanter or water?

Is local pick-up an option?

Hello Chris,

so I was actually holding out my GG order until today.
Did GG Gold Edition’s price go from $33 per stem (as per your Commerce Corner) in 6-pack to now $55 per single?

Thank you.



Carter, yes and no. I had to go to $55 to issue a coupon to get it back down to the figure you see, technically it’s $198/6 pack when you use “Gray” in the coupon bucket at checkout.

Thank you, Chris!!

Local pickup is absolutely feasible. email me -

*i’m on the road for a week though.

I too saw this after buying 6 GG gold, but that’s OK, I have enough zalto wine stems, I really wanted to try the GG since I love zalto for tasting, but just feel like a tweak to the shape could improve the swirl and overall experience.

Has anyone tried the W1 as a rocks glass? I’m in the market for an elegant simple whiskey glass. Are they too delicate to handle the big ice cubes?

‘TEMPE’ would have been sooooo much cooler.

Jonah, i can have measurements to you on the rocks glass…It’s a tapered tumbler, very clean lines, very thin and I feel after using one it can handle the large square ice cubes you can make with the silicon trays. As those are larger in size due to the corners than most spheres, I think you’d be okay - but if you have a cube maker I can get one measured. I have a micrometer.

Sweet offer! Order is in, thanks Chris!