Zalto and sediment....

Is it just me…or do these Zalto’s attract a lot more sediment on the bowl then other glasses? I’ve noticed tons of sediment specs around the bowl when drinking wines that don’t really have much sediment…and some that do. And when I dry them with a paper towel…it leaves way more paper specks than my Riedels had?


Yes…I’ve always used paper towels to dry my glasses…because I am very sensitive to musty towel smells…what do you guys recommend for drying?

I don’t like drying with paper towels, I think they impart an off smell into the glasses. I was using a riedel microfiber towel for a bit but quickly realized nothing beats flour sack towels. Been using em for years, dry and polish with these, hard to beat em.

Where do you get flour sack towels?

Looks like Bed Bath and Beyond has them…but mixed reviews. Where do you guys find the best ones?

Just get some microfiber towels. No lint. No problem.

Make sure and never wash them with any other lint producing clothes - cotton, etc. We have a bunch and pile the used ones up until we have a lot, then wash them by themselves.

For me, nothing beats not drying them at all. I either 1) wash by hand, rinse with very hot water and let them dry inverted on a rack, or 2) Bosch dishwasher + Finish detergent tablet + Finish Rinse agent.

Dish washer for me does the best job. Almost spot free.


Wow, this must be a record for fastest thread drift (probably tied with a million other threads).


PS. I don’t dry my Zaltos when I hand wash (if the dishwasher is full). The action of hand-drying seems to be a significant factor in breakage, according to many anecdotes on this site.

Hey Buzz,

I’ve used flour sack towels for over 25 years. They work great. Not sure there are better quality ones and they are all inexpensive. They all seem to be the same and they last a long time.

To continue the drift, I will use the dishwasher for anyhing more than 6 glasses. Usually after a dinner I could have 12+. I wash them by themselves with no soap. Never have a problem with streaks or anything.

I just seem to accumulate a fine film about an inch down from the rim that just won’t come off. No matter what I’ve tried I can’t get them crystal clear.


I do the same and then polish the stems before I use.

Fortunately I do not live in an area that has hard water so spotting is really not an issue.

I think it has something to do with the angles of the glass matching the tilt of the Earth’s axis. And magnets. Yeah, that’s it, magnets.

Seriously, I’m not seeing any sediment or residue difference between my Zaltos and other glasses. Perhaps since the bottom of the bowl is more horizontal than some other glasses the sediment stays more spread out rather than accumulating in the center/bottom of the glass.

I don’t like the taste of sediment, decanting avoids it.

Sorry about the thread drift. I purchased universals and burgundy stems but can’t stop using the universals. Absolutely love this glass; it’s perfectly balanced and just a pleasure to drink from. It doesn’t get any better!