Your non-wine guilty pleasure

Since this forum focuses on high-end liquors and craft beers, I’m wondering if anyone will admit to enjoying a simpler drink or macro brew. Whaddya got? The occasional Captain and Coke? Stoli-cranberry? Non-vintage champagne…of beers?

Mine would be Bailey’s on the rocks. It’s an easy dessert drink when no port is around, and it’s about 1/10 the cost of most dessert wines, plus it keeps forever. I have also been known to enjoy a Bud Heavy with a burger during the summer. Sue me.

Red bull & vodka. Jack & coke. Sometimes, I’m ghetto like that.

Caffè Corretto (corrected coffee!), the thinking man’s Red Bull and Vodka:

Jameson’s and Ginger.

Well aged Black Pu-erh…if you listen to all the reports that are starting to come up it looks like things are going really well for tea and there may be a “boom” in the market. I’m glad I’ve been stocking up


Don Q and coke.

Margaritas and Jimmy Buffett

Campari and soda or an occasional Negroni.

A caucasian.


Belvedere over ice with lots of blue cheese stufffed olives … the Belvie Blue
I’ll also do red bull and vodka when I’m really partying.

Negronis are the best.

White Russians

Hookers and Blow.



Old New Orleans Spiced Rum and Black Tea on ice -

And, a weakness for Jaegermeister -

I don’t really like rum, but that sounds delicious.

I could tell you were that kind of guy.


Cookies and milk (no kidding)

Ben and Jerry’s. Pie. Marmalade.

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