Your Next Cellar?

The only thing I would change is I would no longer allow my wife to store my kids summer sleep away camp in my cellar.

It’s pretty easy to make your own. If you do, you can pick your material and the size of Te opening.
Best, Jim


Her cellar is super nice - and my favorite part is the Champagne racking…much like this, it sits in in the floor - adds a nice rustic touch.

I wouldn’t change much except I’d use a slightly thicker shelving because some of them are bowing, and would probably make it bigger. It holds around 2000 bottles now and that’s OK but I’d probably double it if starting again. The bowing has made it hard to put some of the thicker bottles in places. If we have company, we can go thru a lot of wine in a day or two and I like to have things that are aging w/out being disturbed.

And I’d probably not do bins again either. Those are OK if you have bottles of the same thing, but when they’re full of different things, they’re a pain. And they suck for Rhone-shaped bottles too.

Other than that, I wouldn’t do a lot different. No windows, no tables, etc. It’s a closet built strictly for function. I don’t go in there to spend time looking around and nobody else has any reason to do that either.

I made a few spaces for mags, but I own like three mags and have no desire to purchase more. But for the odd sized bottles, the spacing is really important.

I’ll take some and see if I can sort uploading them out…

After years of 400 bottle double deep cabinets, I did a 1400 bottle wine closet with Vintage view racks 3 deep. I enjoy purusing the bottle labels as I decide which to select. It sometimes takes me a while to decide. At least my wife knows where to find me. We now have a vacation house where I built a 2500 bottle cellar last year with the same racks, a few more for magnums and big bottles. No more tags and capsule ends for me, wondering what the buried bottle is.

Use Cellar Tracker on the iPad. flirtysmile

I had the perfect space in my last house. A full basement room cellar with case/bin storage. I was a home wine maker then for the most part or bought whole case lots. Nothing fancy, just practical shelving. I moved fifteen years ago, had given up wine making for drinking craft beer and set up a simpler bin cellar in a basement storage room. I started my currant collection soon after, then proceeded to remodel the basement and the wine room became a guest room. Finally individual racking was built as inserts into a wall of storage cabinets which can be removed as the cellar contracts. The next move will be into a condo which will necessitate a cabinet/cooler or 2. After that, assisted living and a wine fridge or offsite at my son’s house where hopefully I can visit on occasion to drink a glass. [snort.gif]

Few changes:
Make it bigger (twice current size)
Dedicated space/shelving to store: half bottles, champagnes, whiskeys
I don’t collect magnums so that aspect does not matter.

Besides bigger I’d like more racks, my cellar is mostly stuff stacked on the floor in wood cases or sometimes cardboard.

My dream cellar however would be exactly like the one that appears in HBO’s Band of Brothers, when they raid Herman Goering’s personal cellar… well just like that including the bottles, but minus all the awkward Nazi paraphernalia.

Off topic but this reminded me of a great quote by Doug Sanders, the former pro golfer:

“I’m working as hard as I can to get my life and my cash to run out at the same time. If I can just die after lunch Tuesday, everything would be perfect.”

Without question after Irene and Sandy a backup generator and maybe a sump pump.

As I only recently finished my cellar, there’s little I would change about it. (I do plan to supplement the lighting.)

Of course, if given different constraints, such as a differently shaped basement or lots more money, I would certainly design it differently (larger, different layout, etc.).

Make sure you have plenty of wine that will be in peak drinking form in 2017, when your favorite team wins a BCS championship!

I have a lot of Madeira and need more upright storage.

I used to work for a store that used these for one wall, and couple times lost a few bottles when someone would knock one when grabbing another, causing a bit of a cascade as they clanked down to the floor. This seemed especially prone to happening with the bigger, more sloped bottles. I always thought a bit of rubber coating might’ve fixed this. Have you had issues with this at all? Otherwise, I think they’re the most appealing racking to have, considering how much they can show off.

Living in SoCal, I was concerned with earthquakes. Bottles would jiggle right off a Vintage View rack I think. So I put a black rubber band on each bottle neck. And another on the front-most bottle base. No accidents, but only small earthquage tests so far. I’m pretty fast putting them on.

I had a small quake (2.6) hit less than a mile from my house and close to the surface. Was pretty surprised to see my half bottles jostle out about an inch. Quite concerned about a bigger quake.

Here you go - hope this works.

We ARE!!!