Your lowest Cellartracker Scored Wine in Your Cellar

Oh, misread that. Thought it said “Corked to hell.”

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While plenty of no scores due to too recent vintages or exotic origin I have two wines with usually higher ratings and tasted as nice enough / definetely not as bad … at CT scores 73 / 73.5 … probably just due to single entries so far.

2019 Società Agricola Nativ Aglianico Irpinia Blu Onice @ 73 (1 review) - usually in the high 80ies, low 90ies

2019 Cantine San Marzano Negroamaro F Salento IGT @ 73,5 (2 reviews) - usually in the high 80ies, low 90ies


Its a Burgundy, of course x2

2009 Jean-Philippe Marchand Latricieres-Chambertin
I called it a “clenched asshole of a wine” (among other things on CT) and gave it a 79.

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Hopefully its a vintage thing, and time will help. Most of the 18 reds I’ve had were over-the-top with fruit and alcohol. [Mugnier Marechale, le Moine Chambolle Baudes, Sigaut Chambolles].

I was impressed twice by Domaine de L’Arlot Clos des Forets Saint-Georges, 11’ and 12’ tasted a year apart and both were distinguished by their balance and harmony, (this from a guy who likes his primary fruit…).

The 11’ for instance “Night 2,on argon: it had mellowed, with emerging black fruit, quenching wood-sting/pencil lead and tooth-gripping medium tannins, all in balance and interesting to the bottom of the glass. Everything I look for in a red Burgundy.

I had expected a write this bottle off, but was surprised at how good it was, outshining a simple (even simplistic) fruit-forward 15’ Dujac Chambolle villages

Most of my rose is in the mid eighties.

I have not tried either of these yet. The review in the Ridge is a bit of a head-scratcher.

1980 Ridge Zinfandel Glen Ellen
73 Points
Nose - high-toned, plum pudding, touch of tamarind, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint tea, chamomile.
Chamomile and breakfast teas, dry, orange zest, touch of heat, dusty bitter finish.

2015 Domaine Sylvain Pataille Bourgogne-Aligoté La Charme aux Prêtres
80 Points
Aligoté at Table, Donkey and Stick (Chicago, IL): Smells and tastes more like sour beer than wine, and a little unbalanced in the amount of acidity here too. Maybe a touch less natty on the palate, but definitely not a fan of this.

Lowest in my cellar is a 2016 Apothic Red which clocks in at an even 83 on 69 reviews. Not my purchase - it was brought over by someone in my wife’s book club.

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That’s a note from a blind tasting of 1980 Ridge Zins. Not as comprehensive or as explicit as it could be, but the score emphasizes the degree the negatives play. Volatile, somewhat hot, bitter and dried out.

You might want to plan to try to cover that with the right food pairing, and might luck out with a better showing bottle.

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I was going to say that the note actually makes a lot of sense to me for a wine approaching its end. The reviewer probably should have provided more commentary but the tea notes usually indicate a wine well into its tertiary phase. The other things are reminiscent of an aged ripe and spicy wine.

If it were me, I wouldn’t count on this as your main wine for a meal unless you are one of those that digs these sorts of things. I have a high tolerance for old wines and there necrophiles are out there that like them beyond where I still enjoy them but they are a rare breed.

Of those that have been rated, lowest score is 89.8 for the 2019 RM Sonoma Coast

I find it just a little bit odd that in a forum where so many say that scores are useless, there are a lot of people playing this game.


I mean - that’s the perfect note:

"Volatile, somewhat hot, bitter and dried out."

To each their own, but that’s the most important information; not the exegesis of the spice rack and the actual breakfast tea leaves reading.

Not really. The score indicates it’s drinkable. The note describes a lot of positive qualities remaining in a wine past its prime. The right food pairing can neutralize those sorts of negatives, leaving you with the charm of a very mature wine.

Hope you all don’t mind resurrecting this old thread, but I was reminded of it with my latest purchase; 1982 Mount Eden Cabernet Sauvignon. CellarTracker score is 82.5. It’s a weird distribution though, with only 3 scores;
2011- “it was outstanding”, no score
2009- “incredible”, 94pts
1989- Nose: “very attractive”, Palate: “lacking fruit…metallic tang…nasty tannic bitterness” 71pts

Seems promising actually. The trend is going in the right direction!

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2015 Pietracupa Taurasi - CT 80