Your Lobster is......

What’s your favorite type?

  • Spiny (Rock)
  • Maine
  • Other

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Growing up in the Caribbean, lobster to me was “only” spiny. Maines, while meatier, are less flavorful in my opinion. What say you?

From what I hear, these are supposed to be the best:

Sorry, I just cannot help myself…

So vote for “other” geeeeenius. headbang

I would have to disagree - I think the maine lobster are actually more flavorful that those little clawless Caribbean suckers…but again, it’s what I was raised on, so might be jaded

Again, cannot help myself today…

“Spinyes” aren’t lobsters, they’re crawdads.

Maine for me

To me the spiny are coarser and less flavorful. Besides they don’t have claws, and that’s the best part of Maine Lobsters.

I got started eating Maine Lobsters in the early 60s, when this market close to where we lived had fresh Maine Lobsters flown in a couple times a week. It was great.

Maine (or at least NE) lobster is the only real lobster. [stirthepothal.gif]

Not sure what those other things are but they don’t taste like lobster to me.

I grew up pulling Real lobsters right out the water. Nothing like fresh lobster. In a good summer, we would be sick of eating the things by Labor day.

Maaaa, lobster again?

Spinys have a tougher texture to me. As for flavor, it is the subtle, buttery flavor of the top, fresh-caught NE lobsters, combined with the unavoidable salinity that pops out of the claws from the sea water if you get them fresh from the boat to the stove, that just puts it over the top for me.

My great-grandfather and grandfather had a butcher shop on Blackstone St. in the heart of the old (now essentially gone) Haymarket district, around the corner from the Bostonian Hotel and across the way from the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. In the summers when we wanted to do a lobster boil, they would barter with one of the lobstermen, trading a rib roast for a bushel of lobsters or some such thing. In the 70’s and early 80’s when I was a kid, they were still getting deliveries fresh from the docks in the morning and boy were they lively suckers.

Because food is so subjective and experiential, I definitely think what you grow up on can influence your opinion. If Jorge had a similar story of growing up in the DR and grilling spinys with the family, I could see how that might give him an affinity for those.

Maine all the way. Man those slipper/mud lobsters are ugly little cockroaches. It was a brave or very hungry (wo)man who first decided that a lobster or crab was worth eating… And what a discovery!

Maine, steamed 3 lb female please. 05 Aubert Ritchie to wash it down is just fine.

Hahaha. Good observation Eric. How about the first person that thought “hmmmmm, let me try eating this huge piece of phlegm just to see if it tastes any good”?

Who in the hell thought about eating this first?

A lot of gnarly LOOKING stuff comes out of the ocean. Add sea urchin roe to the list.
I avoid Chinese restaurants, as I don’t like to see live Geoduck and feel even more inadequate than I already am.


But very little I won’t eat. The Moreton Bay bugs are one of my favorites, but not available in the States (looks like the mud lobster above):

My MIL is from Newfoundland and she won’t touch lobsters. She does have a hankerin’ for seal flipper pie, though

Debbie… I hear she was from Dallas…