Your House Champagne?

Diebolt-Vallois Cuvee Prestige
Francis Boulard Les Murgiers
Egly-Ouriet rose

I should add that we bought large parcels of these in France a number of years ago when the EUR was very weak. I don’t think they would be “house” bubbles at current US pricing, considering how much of them we drink.

For your random, Tuesday night Brut or Rose NV it’s Billecart-Salmon. It would be Bereche Brut Reserve if I could find it locally.

One more vote for Lambrusco as a fizz to be opened without thinking to be drunk with a salami sandwich…

Especially the new pricing for Ouriet [wow.gif]

Krug GC

Not Champagne but my wife loves the Mumm Brut Prestige and I love the price. She has tried Champagne but always comes back to this.

Paul Masson Fine California Champagne. It’s fermented in the bottle and, like the best French champagne, it’s vintage dated.

Mmmmm. I’ve heard it’s got a very mellow flavor as well.