Your Coffee Arsenal?

I really want a Linea Mini. Footprint kind of big though having downsized recently so perhaps that’s good and I’ve saved a few grand.
Other than that a Miss Silvia in one spot and a Gaggia Baby Class in another. Two Breville Smart Grinders that I bought as refurbs and they are quite serviceable contrary to popular opinion.

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Mazzer Mini Grinder
Rancilio Silvia

Any body have the Jura S8 ?
Or other Juras ?

Baratza Vario

It makes very good coffee.

I’ve had a few of the Jura and Capresso super automatics. For a one stop and super brew station they are excellent. Makes espresso (decent) and americano coffee which is what we used most of the time. My wife got tired of the taste profile so we moved back to a high performance drip setup. After daily use for many years eventually the brew units will go out (approx 5-7 years) and need replacement. Also it they are left dry for a while the internal pumps are unhappy and may not start again easily. If you make “foamed” drinks then it really makes things easier but that’s not our thing.

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Baratza Encore Grinder
Behmor Brazen Plus 3.0 Coffee Maker - Lovely kettle boil system, with the altitude calibration I needed
Black Rifle Coffee ECS - their varietal coffee subscription - has been hugely interesting
Espro Ultralight Travel Press

only drink Espresso (and associated milk drinks);

Kafatek Monolith Flat Burr Grinder
Quickmill Lucca M58 from Clives Coffee
Rotation of beans and some home roasting, but La Colombe Nizza is our house espresso

Milk-based espresso drinks 99% of the time, pour-over once in a blue moon.

. Breville Dual Boiler
. Baratza Vario
. Beans: Hayes Valley (Blue Bottle), random Counter Cultures and Lavazzas.
. V60 and Fellow Stagg for PO.

I’ve been contemplating upgrading to a less plastic-y E61 DB for a while (Profitec/Rocket). Can’t yet justify the 2k$ extra given how well BDB’s been running and how customizable it is.

Nice! My friend has the conical version of the monolith and loves it…those things are no joke

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Baratza Sette 270wi grinder
Locally roasted beans (Beanetics)

The grinder cost 20x what the “coffeemaker” set me back.

My next coffee maker will be this contraption. I’ll see if it’s as good as the aeropress. FWIW it certainly is pretty.

Gaggia Classic Grinder with doser. This is a mediocre grinder but I don’t have the $$ to upgrade.
Fiorenzato Briccoletta E61 Semi Auto for Espresso.
Technivorm Moccamaster for drip
Bodum Vacuum Pot for when I want to make a production
cheap plastic pitcher thingy for cold brew
I also have an old school Pyrex Percolator from my mom.

I am all over the place with beans but my #1 choice is always George Howell from MA. But I can pick up a bag on the fly here in NYC from any number of good local roasters, and even the ‘big name’ good roasters all have a local roasting spot here.

I got seriously into coffee well after wine, but once I got into it, I jumped in with both feet. I was drawn to lever espresso machines and from the late 90s until about 3 years ago, I acquired and rebuilt about every home lever you can think of. eBay used to be a great place to pick up rebuild projects 10-15 years ago. Anyway, three years ago a guy up in Vancouver BC gave me a two group La Cimbali commercial lever. So now I have a plumbed in machine on its own 220v circuit, paired with a Kafatek Monolith SSP Flat. My upgraditis is gone and all the home levers have found new homes via eBay and Home Barista (the coffee version of WB basically), except my 1974 Olympia Express Cremina. I just can’t that one go - it’s such a sweet little home sized lever machine.

Lots of great Seattle roasters, like Olympia, Kuma, and Slate. Also a huge George Howell fan.

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My appliance ‘barn’ is highly coffee oriented. Nowhere near the cost that the guys that drop a couple of K on just an espresso machine are at though.

Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine
Kitchenaid Pro Line Burr Grinder
Cuisinart Extreme Brew 12-Cup coffee maker

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I used to grind every morning on a Rancilio and brew using an Alessi Moka pot. But I don’t have time for that. Now…

I have a Jura E6. Sometimes I use milk from a separate frother to avoid the cleaning hassle of the Jura. And I wish I could fine-tune the water ratio more granularly instead of in 1/2 oz increments. But those are minor matters for already-great coffee. Jura is definitely the way to go.

I get my single-source coffee shipped from Puerto Rico (Gustos Coffee Co.). Best coffee in the world as far as I’m concerned. I’m Puerto Rican so I’m biased. But I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t excellent.

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Is it just me, or has Yirgacheffe beans become exceedingly rare over the past two to three years?

In order of usage:
Kalita Wave
Oxo 9-Cup Coffee Maker
DeLonghi Semi-Auto Espresso (getting upgraded very soon)
Bialetti Moka Pot
Bodum French Press

I have a Krups Burr grinder I’m also hoping to upgrade that when I get a nicer espresso machine.

Usually use medium roast beans from local roasters – there’s a couple near me that use Kayon Mountain beans and are really nice.

Just checked my go to place in Oz and they still have it and I can’t remember them not having it. He will usually say if he is having issues getting beans out (like Yemen for example)

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Figured I’d chip in since I’m finally upgrading to proper gear - have a La Marzocco Linea Mini and a Niche Zero coming in soon. Really excited to start pulling shots with the new setup.

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For people who want great beans at the best price I recommend Rhoades roast coffee. I get really great beans for $8-9$ a pound shipped. It’s not probably the best but the pricing and shipping convenience is great.