Your Coffee Arsenal?

Mazzer Mini Grinder
LA Spaziale Vivaldi II S1 Espresso Machine
Technivorm Moccamaster

Monmouth Coffee Espresso roast beans for espresso, though we are out right now due to no trips to London.

I’m not a snob about beans for drip. I like Peets Major Dickisons blend.

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Moccamaster single cup
Baratza Encore grinder

For some reason I’d have guessed you and Jonathan had a Cremina or other lever machine

Mostly Pourover w/
Ode fellow ekg kettle
Niche Zero grinder
Occasionally use aeropress

Don’t have a espresso machine yet… but kinda wanting one.

My fav is Onyx roaster… but also like Bird Rock, George Howell’s one off roasts, Sey, occasionally Heart, and Dragonfly.

Baratza Encore + Sette 270
Acaia Pearl
V60 ceramic for pour overs
9Barista for espresso in a small, space constrained NYC 1BR

Bezzera Magica E61
Mazzer Mini Mod A Grinder
Behmor 1600 Roaster
Espro Calibrated Tamper (I’m not scared to admit it).

Favourite bean to roast at the moment is a Yemeni Mokha Selection Ismaili stunning coffee from these beans. Back in the real world I am a big fan of the India Elephant Hills AA stuff.

Nah, we’re not that hipster. This set up is pretty sweet, though, and fits our needs.

Coffee was my first beverage love, prior to craft beer, then whisky, followed by whiskey and now wine.

Technivorm Moccamaster Thermal Carafe
Basic Krups Espresso
V60 Pourover
Bialetti Moka Pot
Aero Press
Bodum Pour Over - 12 cup
Phin Filter - Vietnamese coffee
Bodum French Press
Clever Dripper

Baratz Encore

Local beans from various roasters.

I think that’s all.

Something folks here might enjoy - here’s a nice short video about the 2019 US Barista champion. When I did work with the SCAA, I got to attend several of the championships and it was wild and totally unexpected and wonderful. This video gives a good look at that incredibly complex competition … not dissimilar to some of the Sommelier’s testings though if you hang out to watch, the baristas will often hand you an extra cup … three “courses” all tied together in a tale beginning with where and by who the beans were grown.

We have Second State ship us coffee beans every week. Their retail shops are ok, but at home it is fantastic.

Gene Cafe roaster
Beans from Sweet Maria’s
Hario mill
French press from restaurant supply store.

Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder (with an old Solis Impressa as backup)
Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso
Cuisinart Thermal Drip for the decaf
Single cup Freiling French press

My ibrik is waiting for a new home, as it does not function on induction.

Chemex (no other method of brewing in the house)
always black
Tend to use cheaper beans during the week (anywhere from medium to light roast)
Nice beans on the weekend, with a strong preference for light roasts out of Ethiopia or Kenya

gene cafe for roasting
beans from burman
profitec pro 700
weber HG-1 hand grinder for espresso
baratza virtuoso + for drip
acaia pyxis scale

Pasquini expresso machine
Pasquini Bezzera grinder
Fellow Ode grinder
Aeropress plus an assortment of presses

For espresso

La Marzocco Línea Mini
Kafatek Monolith conical burr grinder
George Howell Alchemy espresso beans

For pour over

Kalita wave dripper
Baratza Vario grinder with steel burrs
Tim Wendelboe beans



We have:
Breville smart grinder
Bodum french press
Oxo 9-cup brewer
Aero press

For beans, we get a medium roast from a different roaster through Trade Coffee every few weeks, and buy some favorites every so often to fill out the supply, get espresso beans, etc., including from Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz and Onyx Coffee in Arkansas.

Breville Smart Grinder
Aeropress (most of the time)
A good drip pot for crowds. Might be a Bunn

Ditto, except I use a 10 cup Mocca.

Also use Chemex for pour overs. Have given up on French press unless at a restaurant and they clean it up.

Linea Mini
Niche Zero

Started doing more pourover lately as I’m exploring lighter roasts and on the hunt after a magical first experience with a light roast Gesha. Looking into solutions now for freezing beans as I’ve accumulated faster than I can consume (hmmm this sounds familiar…)

Pretty happy with the Linea Mini and Niche Zero combo as well. After exploring a ton, converged to local LA roaster Maru for espresso beans. Just has the most complete set of flavors for what I’m looking for in straight espresso or milk drinks.

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