Your Classification for Loire Whites?

Glad to hear this. At $60, it was the cheapest of the three in my picture, but for Chenin that’s not cheap!

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Ha! Coincidentally, the Quatre Piliers is the only of the three I’ve opened. Definitely has a lot of dry extract going on — I agree it seems like it will age well. Can’t say it’s my preferred flavor profile, but I think there’s a spot for it in my cellar nonetheless.


I’ve now (with a ‘16 Monopole Clos des Guichaux) had all the Guiberteau offerings (not across all vintages mind…), and I’m pretty sure its their Brézé that is the nicest wine they do -I think it has more elegance than the bigger Clos des Carmes that might need more cellartime.

A new single vineyard bottling from Chateau Yvonne. A rare bird it seems, tightly allocated.

Racy, with good flow and energy, with less stuffing than Le Gory or Saumur Blanc.


I am having a 2021 as we speak and I have an impression that I enjoy it more than you did yours. The acidity is just right for a Sancerre. Stones, lime, yellow fruit, more stones. Cellar door pricing 40 Eur.

I suspect I prefer the '21 vintage in Sancerre over the '22 generally (though I haven’t had enough of either to say so conclusively).

My palate leans towards leaner, cooler-weather vintages and I like sharp acidity. If I were to ever have the '21 Vacheron Les Romains, it wouldn’t surprise me that I would like it (I actually kind of liked the '22, though it was bit ripe for my tastes).

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What a great thread to revisit on a 106F day, while enjoying a 2020 Cellier de l’Abbaye [Touraine] which is 13.5% abv and all sauvignon blanc. In theme with this thread, I’d classify it as an easy drinking cru bourgeoise, raised in steel and with lots of grapefruit pith, with a NZSB level of fruit. Online information seems to be scant (unfortunately turning up other regions wines) and the name gives the inkling of a co-operative, so perhaps its a Buyers own Brand, or some other odd situation. It’s very pleasing for daytime consumption. Sealed with DIAM3 too. We enjoyed this more than a Napa SB we had over the weekend, but I’d still slot this into the B grade zone. Normally this ilk of blanc survives 15-30 min on a July day at Casita Arv, but a splash or two survived til the next day.

Caesar salad, chicken Francaise, browned Russets. (Cucumbers on the side so that the cukeskeptikalkinder can avoid them)