Yountville - Favorite Restaurants and Tasting Rooms

Headed to Yountville in October for the 6th trip in 9 years. Our normal dinner line up is Bistro Jeanty, Ad Hoc and Bouchon, with a few others that have come and gone over the years.

What are your favorite places for dinner?

Also, any tasting rooms in the town of Yountville that you like?

Tacos Garcia taco truck in Pancha’s parking lot.

Very nice! We’ve done Yountville 6 times as well and it’s always just as wonderful as the previous experience.

Bistro Jeanty is our favorite dinner spot, but we also stopped by the new Restoration Hardware restaurant in February and found the inside to be absolutely beautiful. Food was great too.

As for tasting rooms, Beau Vigne is probably my favorite, and I had a very good experience with Hope & Grace too. If you get the right person, sometimes they’ll open something from the winemaker’s personal label, Charles Hendricks. But the Hope & Grace label wines are very good on their own.

Have fun!

Bouchon continually exceeds my expectations and I always feel like it is better than the last time I went. I’ll happily eat at other spots in Yville, but Bouchon is my go to.

Redd Wood Pizza is really good if you’re in the mood for a more casual place. R & D is a favorite too for a tweener casual/high end joint. CA cuisine with some sushi thrown in never disappoints.

I agree Bouchon and Redd Wood are both good

I’m a huge fan of Ad Hoc.

some other suggestions to the good ones already provided:

Ate at RH this last weekend…food is good…service is so/so.
Have always had a good meal at Ciccio’s. If it is Fri or Sat they have gone fix menu…not so good.
La Calenda, the new Keller Mexican is very good.
For a change of tasting check out K. Laz. Different tasting options offered.
Enjoyed the Trident tasting the other month. Different food pairings…was good. Same kind of experience can be had at the Del Dotto incarnation at the north end of Yountville (out on 29).

Went last year and really enjoyed Brix for lunch and Bottega for dinner.

semi related, is smoking still allowed within panchas? (fingers crossed for a yes)

When my wife and I visited Tacos Garcia this past April you could smell smoke coming out of Pancha’s so I’d assume yes. Didn’t go in for a beer this past trip.

Its slightly outside of Yountville but Mustards is always great for lunch.

There is a mini model bakery there now at the train hotel. Great for breakfast sammys

Nothing better than smoking a pack of cigs to get ones palette right.

Favorite eats: Bouchon, Bistro Jeanty
Tasting Rooms: Hestan, Silver Trident

Are you chewing gum?

You guys are too silly, just use mouthwash afterwards.

Also for breakfast, check out Southside Napa’s Yountville location They are one of my favorite breakfast spots. The food is great and the space is lovely.

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