You Spent HOW MUCH ON WINE in 2021?!?!

down significantly in 21 (especially on a net basis, did some cellar shifting) but price per bottle significantly higher

Down from 2020, but up from all other years. The exploding interest in champagne, and drastically increased German purchases (increased over what was already a lot) are responsible.

Interesting, my 2021 was down 50% from 2020, but slightly higher than 2019

Your 2022 spend might be high…to fill that cellar!

That was my 2021. I’m supposed to be done with the cellar! Then today Kutch released. [swoon.gif] I pushed delivery to March.

Purchase quantity slightly down, but cost per bottle keeps rising. So I spent more in 2021 than any previous year.

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unfortunately 2021 was the first year in about a decade where I didn’t track my spending.

Probably just as well.

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And there’s this pesky BerserkerDay thing coming up…


66% lower in 2021 compared to 2020.
85% less than my all time high.

Most likely will be at this level or lower, as I’ve basically cut retail (save for the occasional lower-cost sparkler) and am sticking with two direct to consumer wineries.

Interested to hear what our $50k+ club is spending per bottle on average… care to entertain it?

$470 was my average in 2021. $340 in 2020.

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I think mine is in the same ballpark, maybe lower because I did buy a lot of bottles of champagne.

Whoa! I just looked and it was much much higher than I expected. It was a high year for me too since I’m about to retire and wanted to beef up the cellar.

My average is $190. Here’s a cumulative distribution by bottle count:

<$25     1%
$25-50   24%
$50-100  26%
$100-200 19%
$200-400 16%
$400-800 11%
>$800    4%

I need to start using the “my collection is in its growth phase” line. Somehow it makes anything seem acceptable.


I hate you for making me go look! LOL. Lets just say, spending will be severely curtailed for 2022…



I’ve been saying that for a few years now!

But the real answer is, of course, it’s not anyone’s business :slight_smile:

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This is totally me.

I have plenty of respect for people who budget and track, and then on top of that each of us has different financial situations. But just speaking for myself and with no judgment of anyone else, the hobby is more enjoyable and less stressful when I don’t keep track of the dollars, the numbers of bottles, the rise and fall of my collection size, and all of that.

On a smaller point, I also agree that it’s nice not to be able to answer the probing and critical questions about it.


For at least five years I’ve been intending to start shrinking my wine inventory. I have yet to make a dent.
Covid has not helped. About half the wine I open used to be consumed at group dinners with family or friends, or parties. Not in the last couple of years.
It also has not helped that other dining, entertainment, and travel expenses have been reduced, so it doesn’t seem like I’m spending much money.
This year, forces like smoke taint, prices that seem outrageous, and utter lack of space are going to make me reduce my stock to what I can fit in the wine cellar. I swear!

Yeah… I never looked until this year and got very red in the face (ashamed)!

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