You know you're a 'Burg Nerd' when

We have a crow that lives in our backyard that we have named ‘Parantoux’.


You think $150 is good value.


Wallaby damned.


That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

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You call your dog Lafarge

You have two cats named and they are named; Romanee and Conti

A true story but not our cats


You post in a Burg Nerd thread.


Damn you just decided my passcode. Better change it now


You think that a flawed wine “has loads of sous bois and saddle sweat” and a wine that has no flavor “is in a dumb phase.”


You are elated that slightly fewer than half of your $100 white wines have to get poured down the drain.


…you keep rolling the dice in this crapshoot called Burgundy, mostly blind, on $75-$250 bottles that need 10+ years of cellar time and the odds look like this:
-Snakeyes: utter failure =1/6,
-So-so. (Not plonk, but not great) = 2/6,
-“This-is-quite-nice-but-Oregon-is-good-too” (and I can find it) = 1/6
-“Whoa, this Burg stuff is really something, better get me some more” (its gone, you deluded rube) = 1/6
-Boxcars: “I hear the angels singing” = 1/6,…maybe, AND you are lucky, (and still above ground).

Hello Fixin, Marsannay and the backwoods of Beaune…

Disclaimer: Ok, my hit rate is a little better after 5+ years of buying/tasting (and hair-raising expenditure) , but seriously, Burgundy can be a crapshoot.
Yet still we play…


You name your dog the americanized pronunciation of Leroy so your wife will be cool with naming the dog after a domaine.

Some of my ‘utter failure’ and ‘angels singing’ experiences were on the same budget, adding to the confusion.

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This is all too accurate. Although I too, probably have a better hit rate than this. Maybe.

I almost consider myself luck to be late to the burg game. Really keeps me in check. Plus I get to see a lot more info from others when I do buy back vintage.

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We haven’t missed “Burgundy Thursday” in 16+ years.


My tastes have changed some but for a long time, until winter, my default wine with hamburgers was a Bourgogne Rouge.
For hot dogs it was a Bourgogne Blanc.

Dan Kravitz

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You know you are a Burg nerd when…
you fantasize about emigrating to where Burgundy Thursday is a thing

Your normal friends won’t attend evemts with you due to your non-stop pontificating about terroir, tilled earth, and stem inclusion at the 2022 Margarita Dayz event downtown.

Charleston is nice.
South FL too in season.

Do you do Burgundy Thursdays just in Charleston or in South Florida also?