You + Falltacular = Success.....THANK YOU!

For those of you in the OC, if you pick up the OC Register today, you’ll find the article below in the Local News section but for those who are outside the area, the link below (which contains some photos, too) can be accessed.

My point here is to thank all of you who attended Falltacular 2011 here at our place just under 2 months ago, where we raised over $14,000 for Laura’s House. You’ll recall if you heard the opening remarks by Laura’s House Exec Director, Margaret Bayston, that your efforts that day in Falltacular were in direct support of their campaign to build the new shelter, expand beds (and cribs) and provide in summary more outreach and support for battered women in the So Cal area. While the total campaign raised over $3MM to provide the capital funding to build the new shelter, all of you–the winemakers, the guests, the donations–helped drive the $14,000 to help hit the goal line. In addition, another thank you is needed to the gang on Berserker Day who bought the Santa Rita Hills auction item and raised another $1,500.00 more. You guys did this last year too and it really helps!

To all of you who made Falltacular again an overwhelming successs, I wanted you to know that you made a direct impact in the story above. THANK YOU!

Good news during a challenging time on the planet. thanks for sharing the story and the cause.


The major credit goes to you, Frank [worship.gif] You’re the one who makes it happen. [dance-clap.gif]

Loring, you big slug. Your humble comments are typical. deadhorse Let’s not forget you, Ed Kurtzman, Adam Lee, Greg P and some early adopters help us all build this thing so we can be proud of a collective effort to do something meaningful for those in need. Seeing the article today and Margaret smiling with that shovel brought it all back to home.

I’ve never attended (hope to rectify that next year) but I’ve followed this event from the beginning.

One of the very best wine events of the year and FMIII deserves a load of credit! [worship.gif]

The BEST event of EVERY year…in so many ways…and we now have a new goal to BEAT next year!!!

Thanks Frank & Jill for opening your home, so we all can open our hearts…


Arnie & Lisa

A great event for a great cause. Thank you to Frank, Jill, all the wineries, and good people that make it happen. [welldone.gif] [dance-clap.gif]

Nice post Frank. It’s a work a pure genius to combine tasting a mind-boggling array of wines with helping people in need. I’m already looking forward to next year.

I’m so glad I can take part in this splendid affair and help my meager way. Well done Frank and Jill! [welldone.gif]

Major props to you Frank. Congratulations!!