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Parker didn’t write that - not enough ellipses.


“Lisa and Jeb were there and later told me the tasting of Jon Bonne’s “new California” wines,assisted by Eric Asinov,was a disaster of showcasing largely emaciated,excessively acidic, hollow wines-apparently many of he attendees were turned off,wondering how wine writing could intentionally go down such a losing path-apparently the Hosemaster agrees(see his excellent satire).”

Hmmmm, I’ve heard other opinions on those wines.

Not heard anything about a Bonne tasting there. Would like to get another perspective on that.

If it’s true that he’s successfully steering the Chinese wine buying public to USA, South America, and Australia, presumably to his style of wine, it seems like a blessing in disguise to keep other regions relatively affordable for the time being.

I’m, more pro-Parker than many on this board but without the ellipses, it sounds an awful lot like Roland Hedley

No Wine Advocate in Mandarin + a couple of thousand attendees maximum at Asian tour events + the author having no clue what Chinese wine-buying and wine-drinking habits are at the moment=zero steering of anything. And then there is this: remember when the Chinese upper crust had a brief romantic encounter with Lafite and then jilted it for Burgundy, the ultimate zero-Parker-influence wine? And sadly, Jason, the other regions have already been discovered by those fleeing Burgundy and Bordeaux prices, without Parker’s help, so no price relief there…

I noticed that, but goin’ for the gold on the dumpling-eating contest had the ring of authenticity about it. I wonder if he used a spoon or bobbed for them, like apples in the days of yore! :slight_smile:

And I smile every time that I think of Bob reading The HoseMaster and actually believing that public ridicule by a blogger is the sincerest form of flattery…

This obsession of yours is getting a little “sick” isn’t it Bill? It’s kind of like a 9th grade boy who was spurned by a girl and then spreads rumors the rest of her life about how much of a whore she is…

We all have our hobbies.

Well. She is

When I think of pairing with Classical Cantonese food, I think of:

1990 La Chapelle Jaboulet Hermitage,2003 Chapoutier L’Ermite,2001 Screaming Eagle,1993 Harlan Estate,1995 Abreu Madronna Ranch…and1996 Marcassin Upper Barn Gauer

^ lol

No, Thomas, it is not. First of all, I am doing the spurning and Parker is spreading the rumors, apparently for the rest of his life, about what whores anybody who disagrees with his increasingly absurd views about wine are. By the way, in case you missed the point, Mr. Parker wrote every word of the post above, not me. You might take a hint from the other posts here that the majority see a few things worth quibbling over there, and quibblers gonna quibble, eh?

it’s more the recurring theme of your posts than whether or not rp wrote the above or you.
sometimes it feels like senseless overkill.

With Parker it just keeps getting better. And by better I mean worse.

I think this report is interesting if only because it’s putting 2 guys (who happen to be the top 2 wine journalists in the US?) in a very bad light.

I understand, and I feel your pain. However, I view it as a public service to facilitate Parker hanging himself with his own bigoted foolishness, which is a growth industry if ever there was one. We created the monster, and retailers are keeping it on life support. I think that it is time to pull the plug…

And, top 2 or not (and I think not), doing it with the hearsay of two colleagues left behind who are not on anyone’s list of top wine journalists…

understood. carry on.