WTT: 02 Billecart Elizabeth Salmon for 08 Liz Salmon

Purchased on release and professionally stored.

I loved the '02 Cuvée Elisabeth I opened last weekend. If you want to trade a few more for recent vintages, I’d be interested. I’m also looking for '02 Cristal which I think you said you had, and '02 or '04 Ruinart. If there are others that might be aging out and overstocked, I’m deeper in younger vintages than old. DP, Cristal, Pierre Peters Chetillons…


When you return from Europe we can discuss. I checked and have a 6 pack left of Liz Salmon 02, lots of 02 Cristal, some 02 Ruinart and a good amount of 04, I also have many other 02 and 04’s, I’ve cellared since release. Probably best we chat on the phone so I have my inventory to refer to.

I did just purchase 09 Liz Salmon, which should arrive soon, and if you’ve not tasted 09 Ruinart hurry up. They are amazing, 07’s kill it also.

Have a great trip!
If ever in NYC, give me a heads-up and I’ll arrange and coordinate something super serious, private and fun, with a group including one or 2 whom are on the board but mostly those whom refrain from posting but possess ultra serious cellars.

Thanks for that information. I’m a big fan of the 2009 vintage. Still, I don’t have any of the ‘09 Ruinart and little of the Elisabeth Salmon. I did go deep in 2009 Cristal including magnums. I’ve cut way back on purchasing as I finally acknowledged there’s incongruity between the number of bottles we own and how much we consume. We’ll never come close to finishing. I’m mostly trading these days rather than buying. That said, I just sold a bit of wine, so maybe I can rationalize buying some ‘09 Ruinart if I see some.
I’d love to meet next time we’re in NY! I grew up just outside the city (Nanuet). We go back every 3-5 years.

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Same here Warren and trading and sharing is lots of fun for sure though I just purchased more 12 Comte and 13 Cristal Rose. Too much wine, so little time!
It would be a pleasure back here in NYC to arrange.