WTSO Error

This was my first time buying from them and I am disappointed.

I purchased 3 2001 Mumm DVX, but when my shipment arrived, it was 3 2000 Mumm DVX.

Anyone else had a similar problem?? All I could find to do was call an 866 number and leave a message.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Not terribly upset to end up with 2000 vs. 2001, but it is the principle of the issue.


I’ve never had an issue with them before, but I also don’t have much experience with them. Just a few random purchases. Let us know what they do for you

+1 I’ve bought over a hundred bottles from them without ever having a vintage problem; or any other problem for that matter,

There should be an email for customer service. I’ve only bought twice, but one time there was a billing/shipping issue that had to be resolved. CS always answered my emails within 24hrs. The phone number is not so reliable, I think.

Yes, use e-mail. I received a prompt reply yesterday.

Just received a response for WTSO. They admitted to the error and they are going to refund my entire purchase and let me keep the incorrect bottles.

I am more than happy with the outcome and will be willing to use WTSO again.

Glad for the outcome. I’ve bought from them many times and had only one mistake. They took care of it very fast and similar to your outcome. For a discount internet seller they are a class act. I will continue to buy from them due to such good service I’ve had.

I usually am happy with the service fom them. Have purchased about 15 times.

I emailed them once, I think I was questioning the validity of their Jonathan Newman tasting scores, and I got a very nice email back basically saying you can return a bottle for any reason whatsoever, even if you just don’t like it.

I have purchased from them 3 times and received exactly what I ordered. I will keep buying from them since their prices and service are excellent.

I just remembered… the first bottle from them I ordered was corked. I had 3 more from the order that were fine, but WTSO refunded the charge without blinking.

I had the same issue with a corked bottle. They did not have the wine anymore and my credit card was credited immediately along with a nice email response from WTSO. I have had much more difficult times returning bottles to a retailer or to wines purchased off of a mailer.


Not that it matters at this point but – does anyone think the 2000 vintage of DVX is inferior to the 2001 vintage? I haven’t attempted to look this up. I think I just would have shrugged it off.

I’ve bought from WTSO a few times, no issues. They seem slow but that’s just because the WL is so fast when I order from Cinderellawine.

I haven’t tasted the DVX, but from a vintage standpoint 2000 would seem less desirable than 2001. I’ve had The Gloria Ferrer Royal Cuvee Vintage Reserve 2000 and 2001. The 2001 is a lot better IMHO. I realize that is comparing Sonoma versus Napa.

Ditto the positive comments. I have sent inquisitive emails about both Newmann reviews and their “best price” claims. Each time received very timely, professional responses. As for ordering, I have never had a problem. Service is generally better than many non-discount retailers I have dealt with.

I twice sent an email stating my disappointment with their lack of transparency over Newman’s role and his reviews. They ignored my emails both times. To be clear I was straightforward but I was not rude in any way yet they wouldn’t even give me the courtesy of a reply.

After ignoring me the second time I sent them an email stating my displeasure and ended my email subscription. Never a peep.