WTN: Dessert Wine Fail!

I wanted a glass of something after dinner tonight. Apparently the wine gods had other ideas.

First up was a 375ml of 2000 Graham’s Port which was brutally corked. The Portuguese menace did a boomerang hit on itself.

After that disappointment I switched to screw cap and a 2005 Gunderloch Nackenheimer Rothenberg Riesling Auslese GK. Not corked, but aged beyond its years. I bought it on release, and treated it well for over 15 years, and yet total disaster. Might as well have been a 2002 Huet.

Guess it was not to be.

Third time’s a charm?

I was not aware that sweet riesling wines ever got too old actually. everything ive tried has always given the impression of being almost immortal lol. but then again my sample size is not huge and im being a bit facetious. but sorry for the dessert wine bummers!

In my experience it’s best to switch to something else entirely or try another day.

I suspect the Riesling saw some heat at some point in the supply chain. No way to know for sure with the screw cap on Gunderloch wines.

I’ve got the spat version of that wine. Sounds like I should try it!

Such a bummer to have two flawed wines in a row. That’s when I switch to amaro.

I grabbed a glass of water.

So much for the ‘glacial cellar’! Did you buy it from Premier Cru?

No. Bought it at a brick and mortar place on release. The glacial cellar can’t fix pre-disastered wines.