WTB. Sandrone "Cannubi Boschis" and 'Vigne'

I know he’s a controversial winemaker. Some consider him to be a modernist and dislike. I consider him to be delicious!

If you have some, if you’re not interested, I’m happy to pay mid-market auction price and also shipping cost (or pick up in the NY area) and take the shipping risk.

If you store at Domaine, even easier, can just transfer from you to me.

Here’s where I see the auction market, the ‘hammer’ price w/o the auction vig.

Cannubi Boschis

1999 - $100
2001 - $175
2004 - $175
2007 - $125
2010 - $150.


1999 - $100
2001 - $125
2004 - $125
2007 - $100
2010 - $150

I’d take a case or so of each.

PM best.

Try and find 1997 Vigne. It is showing beautifully now.

ciao, Peter

by any chance did you crack that mag I sold you?

Good luck in your quest.

hope you’re well

Hi Tim. Not yet, it’s on deck for a future dinner. Thanks again!

Thanks Mark!

I’ve bought a little bit from people, still looking for more.

I will also happily buy mags at the 2 bottle price + an additional 10%…