WTB or WTT for 2018 MacDonald

Looking to buy or trade for a 2 or 3 bottles of 2018 MacDonald Cab Sauv. Please let me know!


Hasn’t been released yet, should be this Fall

Ah, ok, thank you…maybe someone won’t want their allocation (or has that already happened?)…I was talking to someone who tasted it at the winery, and they told me to get a couple bottles if I could. Cheers,

Chances of that are zero, as in probably negative numbers.

Count on secondary market starting at $5-600 a bottle with $750 realized relatively quickly.

Benchmark had 3 packs of the ‘17 for $1499 as a special offer yesterday. I suspect the ‘18s will fetch a substantial premium to that.

Guess we will see! I will keep my fingers crossed. :slight_smile: champagne.gif [cheers.gif]

Vinfolio has a “producer sourced” ‘16 for $749.