WTB: Looking for 1990 Haut Brion

Had a bottle last night, reminded me just how great this wine is drinking.

I can take up to a case of well stored, great provenance 1990 Haut Brion.

$650 per bottle, I’d like to buy in minimum 3 bottle lots.

Anyone a seller?

Not your 3 bottle min, but there is 1 bottle in stock at Mission Fine Wines in NYC for $645

Yep. I’m not too interested in picking off the couple of single bottles offered at stores on WSPro. Who knows about the provenance, etc? I’d rather pay that price but to a board member who has some additional quantity but also provenance.

Hi, I have one 89 and one 90. The 90 is not 650 of course! :slight_smile:

Did you get my reply?

Bump. Anyone want to lighten up??