WTB: Looking for 1956 bottle

i know '56 is a tough vintage but looking for anything that might be drinkable for friend’s 60th…

thanks in advance…

Sorry, but good luck. One terrible year in wine. My birth year. The most I could find were 1956 Rinaldi Barolo’s and haven’t seen them for a while for sale.

my birth year also. Tokay supposedly good. Can find Armagnacs also.

1856 Madeira would make a good one !

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Wide World of Wines
DC: Washington.

Price list collected: 02-Nov-2016
Blandy’s Grabham Boal Solera Madeira 1856 $ 999.99 Bottle ex. sales tax Shop

Rare Wine Co.
CA: Brisbane.
Price list collected: 02-Nov-2016
1956 Barbeito Sercial Madeira 750 mL $ 425.00 Bottle ex. sales tax S

I am sad to find out I was born in a terrible release vintage year…

That explains a lot about my overall luck!!